Unfair To Blame Mugabe For Everything When You Were His Chief Advisers: Mahoka


Former Zanu-PF legislator Sarah Mahoka has said that it is unfair for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to blame former President Robert Mugabe for all the economic problems in the country, yet most of them were Mugabe’s close advisers. Mahoka also called out the government for buying expensive campaign vehicles when there is a shortage of drugs in hospitals. Speaking to Newsday, Mahoka said,

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You see them buying very expensive vehicles for their campaigns and yet they are blaming the country’s economic woes on one individual, Mugabe, and saying that he erred when they were together in government during his tenure.

Why did they fail to tell Mugabe while he was still the President that he was doing things wrong? Most of Mnangagwa’s Cabinet were people that also served during Mugabe’s tenure and how come they were his chief advisers, but they failed to tell Mugabe that he was doing things wrong.

Mahoka who was expelled from Zanu-PF in November will be running for her former seat in Hurungwe East.

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Sarah MahokaHurungwe

Sarah Mahoka is an outspoken former member of the ZANU-PF Party and also the former legislator for Hurungwe East. Mahoka was also Zanu PF Mashonaland West Women’s League chairperson. She was expelled from parliament in terms of Section 129 (1) (k) of the Constitution of... Read More About Sarah Mahoka

Hurungwe is a district in the Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe. The district is the largest in the province, in terms of physical expanse, high population figures, influx of people from within the province and beyond searching for good agricultural soils which make up the... Read More About Hurungwe

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25 comments on “Unfair To Blame Mugabe For Everything When You Were His Chief Advisers: Mahoka

  1. Mataura amai, nothing has changed, zvichangoramba zvakadaro ende ndichaseka zvangu vanhu vachiambura ed aripanyanga mirai muone zvenyu

  2. The Mugabe everyone knows would not take advice from anybody but would give orders I remember even when the late Bernard Chidzero a world known economist who United nations grudgingly released to come and rebuild our economy after the war told Mugabe that our economy was in its infancy and could not sustain the sustain and prop Samora/Renamo war it fell on his deaf ears. The resultant effect cost Chidzero his aspiration to Become Secretary General of United Nations to Butros Ghali. My point is it is right to blame Mugabe for our economy because he believed he was far much more intelligent than sny other person in Zanu pf those who tried to advise hin like vana Edgar Tekere EDISON ZVOBGO the late MUJURU Tongogara they were killed one by one .ED is different he consults and he listens to wise councel ge will sort out the economy and stabilise our economy. EVEN UNDER THE CURRENT SANCTIONS GE HAS MADE DEALS THAT SHOW A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL GIVE HIM THE MANDATE AND WE WILL PROGRESS AS A NATION

    1. Jimalo Donki I have always said u should z shut up if u have nothing to say. In the pool of gangsters in Zanupf we all know very well that there were people whomari Bobo listened to and he had his core enforcers. Can u count mnangagwa out of those people? In any case was mnangagwa fired for standing up to Bobo for the right things for Zim? The answer is a NO, health was fired for his self ambitions in the succession matrix of Zanu pf. Now let’s stop trying to mislead people about who mnangagwa really is and what he stood for and stI’ll stands for. What changes has he brought to Zim? Is it the Mega deals which u are talking about?? Let’s wake up before it’s too late and lose another 5 years to a clueless fool

    1. Gracebile can u tell me a single economic development indicator has your saviour ED changed from the day he took office to now

    1. Where are the jobs jobs jobs? Dumbo u need rehabilitation in a psychiatric institution because the Zanupf virus has rewired your brains and u can’t see clearly. You ED has faI led to deliver his 100 days promises and targets and it’s almost 7 months up to now.

    2. Ifuthi what u are saying is true, then let’s not blame the devil for being architect of sin. Which economic development indicator can u point to in any sector were ED has impacted on over the course of his 7 month reign?

  3. since november EDhas been working through out and we are gradually seeing chane in zimbabwe and everyone is aware that zimbabwe yaive yaurawa na bob nemukadzi wake

    1. Sanjaya grace wasn’t married to Mugabe for 37 years and she started having signficant influence in National politics around 2014 or so. Equally u need serious psychological therapy coz you brain is misfiring. What has your dear mnangagwa delivered in 7 months. Where are the jobs jobs jobs? Haso your dear Emerson met his 100 days promises 7 months later? No. So u want to give the guys 5 more years. That’s absolute stupidity if not idiocy at its core. Mahoka was in Zanupf and she knows how Zanupf operates not u who has been brainwashed by the herald and zbc. Mnanga gwanda was one of 5 he bug brains which Mugabe listened to and we all know it.

  4. even ED was being sidelined by mugabes regime stop accusing him that one is more than better for zimbabwe

  5. Mugabe is to be blamed he was the head of decision making he would tell everyone to jump without asking why but kungoti how high…he dragged us into this economic doldrums infact he is a failure …

  6. what went wrong was the leadership stayism… Mugabe became too reluctant only thinking of going kuma trips ku singapore and china instead of settling our economic problems infact his look east policy was also a big mess because those chinese benefited more than us

  7. stop blaming E.D mugabe suffered from bedroom bully by his wife grace achingoudzirwa…grace ndiko kakauraya nyika kaye

  8. stop blaming E.D mugabe suffered from bedroom bully by his wife grace achingoudzirwa…grace ndiko kakauraya nyika kaye budisai E.D munyaya iyi

    1. Was grace married to Mugabe for 37 years for u to blame her. When did grace start meddling into politics? What has ED changed?? Can we wake up to the truth, suddenly ED is a saint. He has been given enough time and should be kicked out. Remember ED wasn’t fired by Bobo for standing up to the right things, so wake up and see the facts otherwise it’s another 5 years of suttering again and a lost generation

    2. Dzimbabwe was grace married to Mugabe for 37 years? When did grace start having influence into Zim politics? Where were u when Gono was printing bearer cheques in the early 2000stages? Was grace influential by then? Stop acting stupid coz this issue about you ED getting 5 yrs isn’t a joke, the future of your own children and the other generations wI’ll be affected by this election and stop trying to mislead people thru your shallow stupid analysis which lacks objectivity

      1. we are now in a new dispensation. a new, transformed zimbabwe that seeks the best for all zimbabweans. already, zimbabwe is on a transformation path now, dont pull us back

  9. what has ED delivered in 7 months
    1) international re engagement
    2) establishment of the women’s bank
    3) ongoing national road rehabilitation program
    4) freedom of speech was given to Zimbabweans
    5) establishments of 6 incubation hubs around zim..
    6) increased foreign direct investment
    7) reopening of closed industries

    the list goes on

  10. David Stephens you gave me a good NAME Dongi ironically it was my Uncle’s Chimurenga name who incidentally was on death raw with ED but was saved from the gallows by the Geneva Convention. I like fair debate like My Home Boy The late EDISON ZVOBGO. My point is I would like to be the Dongi that will carry the 15billion from Trump all the way to Zimbabwe on my back if Chamisa manages to skin the US bucks from the back pocket of a racist like Trump. It’s a promise. You see let’s say ED never signed any mega deals but he does not tell blatant lies like CHAMISA. If somebody stood on the side of the road with a begging bowl in hand and asked you for help or to donate money so that he can go and buy bullet trains and create spaghetti roads will you give him even a penny knowing full well that it was a pipe dream ? If you are not intelligent enough to be insulted by a person who tells you that a day 1st August after winning elections on July 30 he will put US dollars in banks throughout Zimbabwe then Stevens you should shut the fuck up my mate

  11. I dont think Mahoka is the right person to be comment on these issues because she was also party of the Mugabe regime. zvave kungorwadza nhasi nekuti Mnangagwa ave kutongawo. ngaadzidzewo kuti ushe madzoro wake mukana wekudya wakapfuura kwasarawo wevamwe, she was also driving an expensive car saka she should shut up!!!!

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