We Will Scrap The Bond Note On 1 August, Everyone Will Have To Open New USD Accounts: Tendai Biti


MDC Alliance principal and former minister of finance Tendai Biti has said that after winning the July 30 elections, everyone will be required to open new bank accounts for United States dollars only. He said that there was going to be a huge influx of cash and foreign direct investment. Speaking at a rally in Shamva, Biti said,

I was in America with Chamisa in December, we went to the United Kingdom in May, currently, he is somewhere (else). He called me last (Friday) night saying he was promised by the whites that on August 1, they will come with lorries and buses full of money. There will be foreign direct investment here.

We will bring back US dollars, so on August 1, we want everyone to open brand new US dollar bank accounts which are not contaminated by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa. Close these RTGS ones. On August 1 after taking Chamisa to State House, we will hold a Press conference and scrap the bond note.

This comes at a time when President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his top officials have said that they are going to reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar because they cannot control the United States dollar.

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28 comments on “We Will Scrap The Bond Note On 1 August, Everyone Will Have To Open New USD Accounts: Tendai Biti

  1. These Guys have done it before and they can do it again if they are allowed to execute there mandate.
    Remember the opposition in a free and fair election they will definitely take the relms of power no why the current regime is not willing to Implement electoral reforms.

  2. Zanu and MDC are really competing to sell off the nation under one guise or another!! All good for the foreigners as we are made to wait for the crumbs that fall off the high tables

  3. Akafushira kupi Ma US acho. So it means we will be subjected to US dollar Amrican currency do these clowns know how to get us out of the US to adopt our own currency pies in the sky man castles in the sand

  4. What Biti is asking us to do is to promote panic withdrawals as he implies that all the bank balances and bond notes will be worthless when he wins. These are people’s savings not ZANU PF savings u should find a better approach and lay out your plans carefully and clearly without threatening peoples livelyhoods and promoting panic withdrawals and panic buying.

    1. why do you talk as if u have any cent in ur bank acc .the situation prevailing does not allow unless murimalooters ezanu pf .

  5. you are a day dreamer biti please do your campaigns carefully you risk your life for nothing because of these lies

  6. i know that these are just campaigning tactics but umm these lies are too much beware iwe biti iwe.

  7. sorry but allow me to just send a direct message to my father and rol model cde Biti…… FUCK YOU

  8. this is why you will never ever be in government ever again you moron. think before you sprout nonesense

  9. confirmed… im officially stepping aside from mdc. i would rather support an independent candidate…. chamisa is a waste of time

  10. im even ashamed to comment on such rabbish. pindul look out, such nonsense will make you unpopular

  11. Where will you get those US dollars, you just want us to vote for you Biti, even a grade zero pupil will not believe your lies.

  12. stop preaching what you cant exercise…zvenyu zvinongoperera pasocial media sema bundles eEconet

  13. biti youre irrelevant…hauna kana nyaya you still praising other country’s currency tsve kuti ti improver yedu…i still remember Zim $ had the same value ne U.S dollar saka mukungotadza kuti zviitike futi’?

  14. These guys can do it they are the one vakuunza us in Zimbabwe pagnu who can dispute that saka they have the capacity to bring back us vachigadzirisa zvinhu munyika.time for change young generation to take zimbabwe forward

  15. I am a Canadian who at 30 years old finally had saved enough money to attend University at Laurentian University in Sudbury, ON Canada [1989]. In attendance were a group of about 25 students I met from Zimbabwe…great group of people, who I had the pleasure of many nights over many beers discussing the politics of Zimbabwe, Canada and the world. From my experience, the people of Zimbabwe are a very proud people, and it is my wish that as they reform as a nation, their wealth as a nation be distributed equitably amongst its people. Africa is an extremely rich continent however the colonial model of development has for over 20 years left the lion’s share of the wealth in the hands of the Imperialist powers, who buy off the individual rulers of nations in exchange for keeping their populations dumbed down, enslaved, and controlled. From what I see, the Chinese intend to continue this Colonial model of development in check. What is needed is balance, whereby, the return on investment dollars should be entrenched in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe have a birth rite to be at the head of the line to cash in on the prosperity of their country. To guarantee this, a form of government must be in place that mitigates corruption and the allowance of power to concentrate in the hands of a few. Perhaps an electoral college type Republic so everyone benefits no matter where you are located in the country, in addition to some form of independent 3rd party entity to monitor the authenticity of government actions and policies. This I believe can be integrated into the new Quantum Financial Computing System. The point is, the old model of outside colonial powers buying off corrupt dictators within the country must not be allowed to repeat itself. Zimbabwe, along with many other African nations have enough in-ground resources to guarantee the fair and equitable advancements of their societies….provided, the old corrupt system of colonialism is extinguished forever. Make Zimbabwe Great Again!!!! Where we go one, we go all!!!!!

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