Mnangagwa Did Not Seize Power In A Coup To Become A Reformer Overnight – Tendai Biti

Writing in the Washington Past, former finance minister Tendai Biti says western countries should not be fooled by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “charade” that Zimbabwe will host free and fair elections. Writes Biti,

For those who believe the military junta will allow free and fair elections, look no further than the 2008 electoral defeat of Mugabe. The late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai won at the polls, fairly and resoundingly, but Mugabe refused to leave power. At the urging of Mnangagwa and the military, Mugabe unleashed a vicious campaign of political violence. In the months that followed, our supporters and activists suffered beatings, rapes, kidnappings, disappearances and arson attacks. Nearly 300 of our supporters were killed in cold blood. Many of these crimes have been laid at the feet of Mnangagwa, yet no one has ever been held accountable.

In Zimbabwe, what’s past is prologue. Mnangagwa did not seize power in an unconstitutional coup and then, miraculously, become a reformer or a democrat overnight. His long record of abuse did not disappear, nor have his brutal tactics of repression. To our friends around the world: Do not be fooled by the propaganda and false promises being promoted by well-funded lobbyists in Western capitals. Mnangagwa remains who he always has been.

Despite the mounting danger, my colleagues and I in the MDC Alliance will continue raising the alarm while forging ahead with our positive reform agenda. We will continue to believe that Zimbabwe can have a brighter future, based on respect for human rights, the dignity of all people and the principles of freedom and justice. We will continue to stand with brave civil society activists who want both peace and accountability. Our beleaguered nation deserves no less.

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4 comments on “Mnangagwa Did Not Seize Power In A Coup To Become A Reformer Overnight – Tendai Biti

  1. The problem I have with Biti analysis of ED is that it puts Mugabe in a position where he was urged by the current ED CHIWENGA AND SHIRI if truth be told Mugabe was not the sort of person to be led but to lead. This means those under him could not tell him what to do but he would command them to carry out orders. From that perspective it’s a ploy to paint the current government as bad elements. What happens after the 2008 in the MDC is split after split it’s a free fall party can Biti explain this when Tsvangirai was summoned to state house by Abasanjo he took Biti with him meaning he was his most fearless and most trusted lieutenant. What happened after that now Chamisa is leading and Biti is trailing and advising him. The international community must know that MDC can not make a stable Government which is a crucial element of trade and development. The disagreement and splits are a never ending phenomenon in the Opposition. On the other hand Chamisa uses obvious lies of bring able to sort out our economy in an instant. That in itself shows all he is worried is getting into state house he had not come up with any tangible solution it will be s big tragedy if he gets into power at the moment

  2. My brother Jimalo I find it difficult to follow your confused understanding of the Zimbabwe situation. I suppose what you are telling Zimbabweans is that there should not be any other party to RULE Zimbabwe other than ZANUPF. I find this hard to believe that intelligent men like Chiwenga could be coerced to say that the presidency in Zim is a straight- jacket issue taking it from his predecessor Zvinavashe, and at the same time convince us that he has changed when he has re-engaged the youth brigade like Mugabe did. The same ED was the chief elections agent for Mugabe in 2008 and presided over many questionable activities that touch on people like Rugeje and many others. The same government has failed to bring about some of the basic administrative reforms that make a smooth election and avoid contestations. I suppose what Zimbabweans are saying is whilst ED has done something significant for now he has a lot of skeletons in the closet and so it is better to allow him to rest and give his so called repentance as advice to the new government. A stable government comes out of good, people-centred policies and not necessarily liberation credentials. If anything, utterances from liberators like former commander Zvinavashe, Metemadanda and even unfortunately, Mutsvangwa himself do not inspire confidence as you seem to insinuate. A change of guard is needed to bring uncontested ideas and even dreams.

  3. I think lets put this simply
    Who was mugabes hatchet man
    ED Munangagwa
    Who was his cohorts
    Chiwenga and Shiri
    Who is now in power
    ED, Chwenga and Shiri
    You do not have a coup in November and then become a reformist and had over power in August
    BUT then thieves alway fall out

  4. Why are you always blaming ED? I see only good things in his presidency. The country became open for investment, farmers are going back, economy is on the rise.

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