Full Text: We Must All Support Chamisa In Order To Remove Military, Violence From Our Politics – Zhuwao


Self-exiled former Labour Minister and former president Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao has urged all Zimbabweans to vote for Nelson Chamisa in the July 30 elections. Zhuwao said that this was necessary in order to remove the military and violence from Zimbabwe’s politics.

Said Zhuwao

Less than a year ago some of us, particularly NPF members and supporters, worked with the likes of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. After the 15 November 2017 coup we stopped working with them because they turned their guns on President Mugabe and his colleagues by staging a coup.

On 18 November 2017 some people were fooled by Chiwenga and Mnangagwa to give cover to the coup; VAKAITISWA! Most of those who marched on 18 November have seen the light and no longer support the coup.

NPF was formed on 7 December 2017 with 2 main objectives as a response to the coup. First, NPF provides a political home for orphans of the military takeover of ZANU PF. Secondly, NPF seeks to democratically remove the coup government and restore legitimacy and constitutionalism. We must all join forces to remove EDiots and restore legitimacy and constitutionalism at the 2018 elections despite having been on different sides before.

As Patrick Zhuwao, I support our NPF parliamentary and council candidates. Their participation in the 2018 elections gives all political orphans of the military takeover of
ZANU PF a home. These political orphans will now be represented in parliament and in councils.

I also support Nelson Chamisa as the Presidential Candidate for the 2018 elections. My support for Nelson Chamisa aims to focus all progressive forces towards democratically removing the coup government and restoring legitimacy and constitutionalism. You may have doubts and misgiving about Nelson Chamisa but they can never be bigger than the need to remove violence and the use of the military from our politics. I am urging ALL of us to support Nelson Chamisa for President in the 30 July 2018 Election

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2 comments on “Full Text: We Must All Support Chamisa In Order To Remove Military, Violence From Our Politics – Zhuwao

  1. cde you were the one telling us that Chamisa is a military project and today you are backing the same Chamisa who do you take us for.We thank you for final seeing the light gara zviya vana vembwa hawasvinuri musi mumwe.

  2. Zhuwawo the biggest mistake the combatants made was to believe your uncle Robert that the civilian should lead the gun and make him President. He then declared himself commander in chief when he was just a civilian. Later on he deployed soldiers to go and die in a senseless war in DRC. I do not know how in the struggle your uncle managed to be put at the Helm over the likes of Josiah Tongogara vana ED vanaMujuru when he never underwent any military training like The late Ndabaningi my point is your uncle should have been made minister of education and culture no further. He now talks rubbish about Mujuru who put him in power and rubbishes ED who was his bodyguard that he was a reluctant joiner of the struggle. This is what happens when a civilian without military background is made President that’s a mistake that our country should never repeat civilians have never experienced the crack and thump of a rifle when an enemy is shooting them it’s what makes you a man to say I will return FIRE. IT MAKES YOU VALUE LIFE CHAMISA LIKE your uncle thinks military is a bad idea how did we get Zimbabwe ? Through the barrel of the gun not by speechfying or being a good orator. Civilian leaders do not respect life they want to rule yet they are not willing to sacrifice their own lives or even their Keith and kin. CHAMISA SHOULD JUST BE SOME OPPOSITION LEADER A MINISTER AT MOST NOT A PRESIDENT OR JUST A PASTOR

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