Politicians, Notable People React To Bulawayo Explosion At Mnangagwa Rally

After the explosion occured at White City Stadium in Bulawayo where President Emmerson Mnangagwa was addressing a political rally on Saturday, a number of people spoke out against the violence. Here is how some politicians and notable people reacted.

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6 comments on “Politicians, Notable People React To Bulawayo Explosion At Mnangagwa Rally

  1. The deafening silence from Davengwa speaks volumes. Perhaps disappointed that The assassination attempt failed. LIKE the uprising he will be as clean as a whistle with a good alibi. His raising of Gukurahundi after Mugabe got out of power shows he is a coward. I f Davengwa had been the chosen one his Entumbane uprising would have succeeded I hope he does not make the mistake of going to jail in such old age. CLINGING TO ZAPU WHEN THE UNITY ACCORD WAS SIGNED IS TRYING TO REVERSE THE UNITY ACCORD. NOW HE IS JOINING CHAMISA THEY HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON THEY ARE COMPULSIVE LIERS

    1. Mr Jomilo DonKY stop trying to unnecesarily stoke tribal tensions with your absurd conspiracy theories which are even astray. This issue has nothing to do with Zanu or Dabengwa or the unity accord or encumbrance etc. Can u leave him out of this issue. Sometimes u should learn to just shut up bcom most of your posts are just horse shit and dog poop. Let the police investigate and solve the this tragedy. U even heard ED himself saying this has nothing to do with the people of Bulawayo and he clearly suggested internal party issues so please shut the hell up

    2. 1 u speell the name of a prominent leader wrongly
      2 u clearly have no wounds od the effects of Gukurahundi.
      3 you are i rresponsible in yr utterances and u need political schooling

  2. Dabengwa could have been given the name Black Russian or whatever during the struggle for Zimbalbwe but he is not a fast mover or talker. The man will take his time.That could be his strength ,while to many us it could be a weakness.I dont think the man is involved in this at all.If he is then its tough lucky.

  3. killing one another is not the solution for Zimbabwe to get back on feet, instead it will make matters worse. PLEASE PEOPLE LEARN TO FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER.

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