Nelson Chamisa Speaks On “Terrible Events At White City Stadium” After Explosion At Mnangagwa Rally

MDC Alliance and presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has condemned all forms of violence in politics after an explosion went off at Bulawayo’s White City Stadium where president Emmerson Mnangwagwa was holding a political rally. The president and his deputy, retired General Constantino Chiwenga were not injured in the explosion although several senior government officials including Vice President Kembo Mohadi were injured. Bodyguards and aides to the officials were also injured.

Writing on Twitter, Chamisa said,

Terrible events at White City stadium. Our prayers go out to the injured and we hope no lives have been lost. Violence must have no place in our politics. May God bless and protect the country we all love.

Zanu-PF has released photos of President Emmerson Mnangagwa visiting the injured.

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26 comments on “Nelson Chamisa Speaks On “Terrible Events At White City Stadium” After Explosion At Mnangagwa Rally

  1. Vana vezimbabwe ngatisianei nemweya weumhondi tese tinofara. Izvi zvava kuda kuitwa nevamwe whoever they are zvinoshatira tose isu naivo. Ndatenda hangu.

  2. Farsi Johnson Nhira what is so important about Mnangagwa and Chiwenga? These are the people who are responsible for the killing of innocent Zimbabweans! So you now raise your mouth to condemn the “true heroes ” who want to get rid of these evil men who have killed thousands and injured thousands ! He who lives by the gun must die by the gun !

    1. you don’t decide who dies and who doesn’t, Everyone makes mistakes in life it is God’s duty to punish them not yours wanzwa, You should feel sorry for yourself kuti vese vakuvara Mamama, one day it will be someone close to you ipapo, life is a circle, have a human heart wanzwa.. ndimi vanhu vanoponda vanhu immigration , go get a life and tsvaga Mwari

  3. I am so sad that somebody got the chance to kill the DEVIL but blew the chance away ! The death of these men would surely save a lot of innocent Zimbabweans! There is no argument that Mnangagwa and Zanu pf are responsible for killing thousands but Zimbabweans are simply asking for them to step down but instead they shamelessly stand in front of the victims (in matebeleland of all the places)and start to say shit! A lot of orphans and widows are because of these assholes ! I say to the injured – mamama

  4. Don’t be fooled by these people, which fool can set a bomb that kills nobody….
    This was part of their game to find a campaign tool, the next thing they will do is to blame the opposition, the few who were injured were just part off the game plan.
    Remember these most evil group of people in all southern Africa.
    They will go to any length just to fool some voters

    1. …………Don’t be fooled by these people, which fool can set a bomb that kills nobody…
      Sure Zuze, at least there are some people left in this country who can see through stage managed things, this is a Nigerian movie. Lets read through the lines every time not on top of the lines.

  5. I hope the world is watching things like this started Gukurahundi but they are forgotten there is always a causative link to these things violence breeds violence. MATEBELELAND HAD ALWAYS BEEN THE INITIATING PROVINCE’S THE Founding fathers LIKE Joshua Nkomo had the wisdom and vision to sacrifice their status for peace because Joshua was not supposed to deputize Mugabe but to be at the Helm. Even giants like Tongogara knew he was the right Leader even Ian Smith Knew Joshua Nkomo would understand business more than Mugabe. Majents this will not take us anyway I hope it ends HERE it will be reassuring to hear the likes of Davengwa denouncing this as we’ll obviously this is a threat to national security and will be investigated and when people get punished there’s the crying foul on victimisation. The Army will never come out second best but number ONE this kind of person or persons Zimbabwe does not need.

    1. Jimalo Jonki, I agree with you but only to some extent. Ian Smith only started appearing a more reasonable leader because of the evils of Mugabe. Otherwise he was the architect and executor of apartheid in Rhodesia – something even the UN at the time alluded to. Just like the racism and inhumanity of Israeli leaders typified by Benjamin Netanyau led to the rise and popularity of Hamas in Palestine, Ian Smith’s arrogance during the liberation war led directly to the rise and popularity of Robert Mugabe. Joshua Nkomo would have easily taken over as Zimbabwe’s leader but he was taken round endless circles by Smith in his deluded efforts to cling on to power and white supremacy. In other wiords Ian Smith bears as much responsibility as Mugabe for the current situation in Zimbabwe.


    2. This is an inside job planed by ED and executed by CIO. In Africa ED has more security than all countries. Why why .. He knows he is not legitimate and even after July 2018 and for any other time in future.. ZANUPF lost its legitimacy in 2000. At least he ran for his life . it appears he ran even before the explosion. They are hell material.

    3. …….Jimalo Jonki……. wake up you fool and see reality don’t be frog marched blind folded to nonsense and stage managed stuff……

  6. They dont know what peace means,the Opposition Alliance thrives on negative speechs,hate speechs,violence ,threats andc,intimintation.When scenes like this happen ,they want to be seen to be sypathising with people that are hurt.It is in their blood to see people of Zim in pain ,suffering in perpetuity .People just dont know what is good for them. They want eliminate people who brought change to Zim. They were used to iron rule,the Mugabe rule.The MDC Alliance will regret it, if they were behind it .We know the youthfull leadership is inclined to violence, some having press ups during their demostrations.If any thing Ed and Chiwengwa they can take it in their stride.We will continue on our peace mission,dont look back you have accoumplished and forward you will accoumplish even greater things.This was alerting message to ZanuPF and lets not dine with the enemy.Our enemies are still very much abound.The power mongers ,who one day they say they won the elections and the next day, there is a hit man and the next minute they are untouchable and the next minute they call people who mean well a Junta.This was meant to kill as well as to provoke, so that the elections maybe condemned.Never mind ,the Ed train of change has arrived and noone is going to stop it.Victory is certain Alunta continua.

  7. zvekufa kwevanhu zvakatoitika tose takaruza mandebele aitora mombe dzemashona nevakadzi vavanhu zvairwadzawo izvozvo dai vaitora vasikana zvaiva nani zvino nevakadzi vevanhu vaitora. Chaka wakavuraya vanhu vangani vakawandisa asi umwe munhu anoramba achingoti tun’on’oro tun’on’oro vachadzoka here vakafa ivavo. Tototadza kuendesa nyika mberi mumwe munhu achingofunga zvegukura hundi. Murikuda kupatsanura nyika ino here heee_eee haaaaaa get away mhani. toda vanhu vanokura mhani. Toti vanhu ngavarambe vachifa nokuti kunevamwe vakambofa here?

    1. Sad day for the motherland.This is not our potion but a weapon formed in the depths of hell to trigger bloodshed.We renounce violence and this type of behaviour.Whoever is responsible for this is not a hero but a bloodthirsty coward.He /They will be found out and face the full wrath of the law .An attack on the head of state /the least of us is an attack on all.

    2. ……… mandebele aitora mombe dzemashona nevakadzi vavanhu zvairwadzawo izvozvo dai vaitora vasikana zvaiva nani zvino nevakadzi vevanhu vaitora……….You are an ignorant fool than what it appears on your writings….. a full blooded tribalist who still calls other tribes by derogatory language….. singing for your super licking someone ass at Zanu PF

    1. surely lets condemn violence – Ndapota hangu hazvineyi kuti uri webato ripi rezvematongerwo enyika . We are all Zimbabweans. .

  8. Mapfupa evanhu vakafa 2008 amuka. Mashort sleeve nemalong sleeve munoti mwari irema, mhinduro yavo inonoka asi variko.

  9. Kudai mazivanhu ose aive parally iyoyo akafa.Vanhu vakakwana pfungwa havaendi kumusangano weZanu nowadays.Ndezvipi zvinhu zvitsva zvavachavimbisa nekuvimbiswa.

    Aaah voetsek mhani.

  10. Pasi ne violence,hate speach ,racism,tribalism, ne zvese zvinokonzera ndufu munyika. I Don’t support blood thirsty people . let our lord God judge us, not judging ourselves, who are we to judge???

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