Ambrose Mutinhiri Must Withdraw As A Presidential Candidate: Zhuwao

Self-exiled former Labour Minister Patrick Zhuwao has written an open letter to National Patriotic Front (NPF) presidential candidate Ambrose Mutinhiri pleading with him to withdraw as a presidential candidate.

Zhuwao says Mutinhiri should withdraw because the NPF did not field enough candidates to ensure a successful presidential campaign. He said had NPF fielded a strong representation it would have meant there would be someone campaigning in all parts of the country for Mutinhiri. Part of Zhuwao’s open letter reads:

The results of the nomination courts on 14th June 2018 are not good for the NPF. NPF only managed to field candidates in 95 out of 210 constituencies covering 45% of the country; nominated 20 out of 60 senators to give a third; 15 of the possible 80 provincial councillors making it 18.75%; 14 of the 60 women’s quota to give 23.3%; and 78 out of the 1,958 councillors to make a paltry 3.98%. The objective reality arising from a realistic and critical analysis of the outcome of the nomination process shows that NPF does not have the ground force to sustain a successful Presidential bid.

Zhuwao argues that that while Mutinhiri will indeed get some votes, they will not be enough to make him an outright winner.

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Ambrose Mutinhiri is a Zimbabwean politician, a veteran of Zimbabwe's liberation war and the former Mashonaland East Minister of State for Provincial Affairs. Mutinhiri is also a Retired Brigadier General of the Zimbabwe National Army. Mutinhiri resigned from Parliament and the Zanu-PF political party in... Read More About Ambrose Mutinhiri

The National Patriotic Front is a Zimbabwean political party spearheaded by former ZANU-PF members Professor Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Saviour Kasukuwere who are on a self-imposed exile. The party’s consultation document denounced the military takeover of November 2017 that led to Robert Mugabe's resignation.... Read More About National Patriotic Front

Patrick Zhuwawo is a politician, businessman and farmer. He is the former Minister of Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare and former member of Zanu-PF. Zhuwawo is nephew to Robert Mugabe and has been reported to be one of the key members in... Read More About Patrick Zhuwao

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