MDC Spokesperson Allegedly Fired For Standing Against President’s Son

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The leader of the smaller MDC party, Professor Welshman Ncube has been accused of firing the party’s deputy national spokesperson Mbuso Siso because he ran against his son. Siso will be representing the MDC Alliance in Bulawayo’s Ward 2 in the July 30 elections. Writing on his Facebook page, Siso said,

I’ve been dismissed by Professor Welshman Ncube as the party deputy) national information and publicity secretary all because he attempted to bless his son Nkanyiso Brezhnev Mathonsi with Ward 2 Bulawayo central seat that was negotiated on my behalf to be the candidate…Thank God, I succeeded to block him as the candidate and his father for his dictatorship behaviour. Professor Welshman Ncube should be stopped immediately for his unbecoming behaviour he is no difference with the Mugabe regime which attempted to create a dynasty by imposing his wife.

However, MDC national spokesperson Mr Kurauone Chihwai dismissed the claims saying Siso had actually been fired for bringing the party’s name into disrepute.

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  1. Jimalo Jonki Reply

    Ndozviphi you see the animal instinct in a man when it comes to his neither and kin Democracy my foot

  2. riot Reply

    Power hungry fools will do all dirt to get into office. The whole MDC alliances are a bunch of ineffective ediots

  3. Dombo Rakaomarara Reply

    and you expect to be the leader of the whole Zimbabwe with such idiotic behaviour ummm i disqualify you as a leader

  4. Chisingapere blade Reply

    MDC haisat yava mu power but already is exhibiting its greed… Haaa mdc leaders are impossible,, i wonder who would want to vote for such people

  5. viruss vigoroso Reply

    issues to do with freeness and fairness in election times are not easy to come by. in 2008 the election went for a re-run simply because of the so called lack of transparency. now with this type of abuse of office from the mdc leaves a lot to be desired and also puts other political parties on high alert… free and fair election ndiro rinodiwa. pasi nemhandu. pasi ne nepotism

  6. panda Reply

    ZEC must make sure that the election is free fair and credible. #newdispensation

  7. madikizela Reply

    mdc you are busy fighting on your own instead of doing progress nxaaaa

  8. flame Reply

    lol kana mdc yatanga kudai isati yapinda mu power. nepotism yacho tinozoigona here. im slowly laeving mdc. better kuvhotera mnangagwa pane mhepo dzese idzi nxa

  9. Django Django Reply

    Aikaka. That MDC division is a dynasty? Apa kuzonzi “Movement for Democratic Change”.

  10. Evans Charira Reply

    MDC leaders did not have people’s agenda and interests at heart; hence they are not worthy any vote. ED pfeee

  11. pupurai marigira Reply

    lol zve election zvaigonekwa ne zanu pf and tsvangirai as an individual. zvimwe zvese is just chaos and gross confusion

  12. Natalie Reply

    Wen ever one is I’ll prepared for any competition thy tend to cry the loudest mabhiza chaiwo are quite vachitimba ndima

  13. Kokerai Chisvo Reply

    hahahahahahahaha wotodzingwa pabasa rohushamarari nokuti mwana womukuru akufana kutora chigaro tsvimbo yo ruzha hakuchina …… ndoOpposition zveh it will oppose you

  14. dombo rakaomarara Reply

    muchadzingana kusvika mapera mese kusvika iwewe wazvidzinga futi.keep that until 30 july 2018 #murakashi

  15. Ruvarashe Dube Reply

    Bakuxotshile khumbula ekhaya mnumzana.ZANU PF Ndokumba.#EDHASMYVOTE

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