Mohadi Urges Media To Give Parties Equal Coverage

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In an interview with The Chronicle, Vice President Kembo Mohadi urged the media to give parties equal coverage.

Mohadi said some parties will use unequal coverage as an excuse when they lose the elections. Said Mohadi:

There are some parties that are complaining that the media isn’t giving them coverage, which isn’t right. The media must give all parties a platform to sell their manifestos to the people so that when they lose they don’t give excuses that they lost because they didn’t have coverage. There are more than 100 political parties that are registered and the media has to ensure that they give them all equal coverage. After all we are all Zimbabweans and whoever wins elections has to run the affairs of the country.

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Kembo Mohadi

Kembo Mohadi is a Zimbabwean politician who is the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and second secretary of Zanu-PF. He is also the Minister of Defence, Security, and War Veterans. Mohadi is a member of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) where... Read More About Kembo Mohadi


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