Don’t Underestimate Our Resolve On Electoral Reforms, There Will Be Elections Otherwise: MDC Alliance

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The opposition coalition MDC Alliance has said that unless electoral reforms are implemented, the opposition was going to ensure that there is no election. Speaking to the media, after filing nomination papers for the Nelson Chamisa, Jameson Timba, the Liaison Officer and President’s Chief Election Agent said,

Let me reiterate what our President has said if these demands are not met there will be no election…and I would like you not to underestimate his resolve and capacity to see through this position.

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Nelson ChamisaMDC Alliance

Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean politician for memmber of parliament for Kuwadzana , former Minister of Information and Technology , former Vice president of the MDC-T and currently the President of the MDC-T and leader of the MDC Alliance. Chamisa staged an inauguration at the... Read More About Nelson Chamisa

The MDC Alliance is a coalition of seven opposition parties that was launched on the 5th of August, 2017 at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, with the aim to challenge Zanu-PF in 2018 harmonised elections. The party's presidential candidate for the 2018 elections is Nelson... Read More About MDC Alliance

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  1. Hwaya Reply

    Kkkkk man you have no reforms to talk of.ZEC is acting according to the law and will follow their road map which you have.don’t try to be relevant for nothing sir.The elections will go ahead and your leader will contest because you know the elections will be free and fair.

  2. cavidee Reply

    hwaya uribenzi uhukure zvakanaka sapresident vako unofunga maZimbos anoita zvoda iwe nZanu stupid

  3. rujeko A Reply

    Justice P. Chigumba is an appointee of ED, and she serves the interest of his boss. so there is no way ZEC will discharge its duties independently, Chigumba is lying. The entire ZEC is an appendage of Zanu-PF, they foment, protect and serve the needs of Zanu-PF.

  4. Jimalo Jonki Reply

    Vehama politicians will use us as pieces on a chase board the truth of the matter is whether it’s ED or Chamisa is in the state house there is virtually no instant coffee remedy for our economy. THE POSITION OF YOU ME OR EVERYONE ELSE IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE OVERNIGHT IT’S GOING TO NEED A PROTRACTED RESOLVE AND VERY HARD WORK FOR EACH AND EVERYONE WE WILL HAVE TO FEND AND WORK HARD FOR OUR FAMILIES. What this means is anyone who’s trying to have the slightest inclination torwards confrontation is not working for us but is seeking a selfish agenda to get into state house. Having said this all the machinery Mugabe had to suppress us is at the disposal of ED. But he had never uttered a single word torwards a threat. On the other hand Chamisa is making a lot of threats yet he is relying on the masses to March and confront police and soldiers. Government anywhere in the world cannot be threatened by millions of unarmed civilians. THE QUESTION IS MUGABE WAS ABOUT TO PUT GRACE IN POWER AND THERE WAS NOTHING CHAMISA WAS SAYING TO THREATEN MUGABE BECAUSE HE NEW MUGABE WOULD NOT BROOK SUCH A THREAT HE WAS CRUEL AND WOULD UNLEASH IMMEDIATE BRUTAL RESPONSE. TODAY WE HAVE SOMEONE WHO IS GIVING PERMISSION TO DEMONSTRATE BUT I THINK EVERYONE HAS A BOILING POINT. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN is demonstrating will bring people on the street and if some people decide they want to go and vote CHAMISAS people will intimidate people to stop going to vote then confrontations will ensue because government is supposed to protect people things will become messy and elections may not go ahead and as a country we remain entrenched and the suffering of the ordinary person keeps going .Maybeafter death of people or arrests Chamisa will eventually sit on the SAME table with ED maybe with peace brokers and they will form a government as friends. My point is we have seen this with Mugabe and Nkomo in Kenya the SAME you name it . So people be careful do not be used choose peace there is no Evidence that ED will rig Elections in the face of observers. His call for peace is not because he is afraid of Chamisa he is TRYING to do the right thing for Zimbabwean people. There is no Evidence that Chamisa will be able to sort out economy and change our lives instantly as he says but it can only be proved if he gets into power. FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO GO THE VIOLENT WAY KNOW THIS POLITICIANS HAVE ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS USE PEOPLE REFUSE TO BE USED . WHEN SAVE WENT INTO GNU HE LEFT SOME OF THE POLITICAL ACTIVISTS IN PRISON WHILE HE BECAME PRIME MINISTER ED RELEASED THEM. I HOPE PEOPLE WHO ADVISE CHAMISA WILL GUIDE HIM WELL MATTERS WILL COME TO A HEAD. MDC IS A PEACEFUL PARTY WHICH HAS NO MILITARY WING INFACT WHEN OTHER PEOPLE IN MDC WERE ASKING TO GO MILITARY SAVE REFUSED .THIS MY OBSERVATION AND FREE ADVISE TO CHAMISA HE IS RELEVANT IF THE GOVERNMENT IS STILL LOOKING LEGITIMACY FROM THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY BUT IF THEY DECIDE THST IS IMPOSSIBLE SELF PRESERVATION AND THEY SAY WHO IS IN POWER CHAMISA WILL COME VERY SHORT NO ZIMBABWEANS IS PREPARED TO CONFRONT ARMY. SOMEONE IS TRYING TO PUT LIVES OF PEOPLE IN DANGER HERE AND I THINK THIS IS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE. WE ARE WATCHING THE AND THE WORLD IS WATCHING TOO

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