Chiwenga Warns MDC Alliance Candidate, Land Barons

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Vice President Constantino Chiwenga warned that MDC Alliance and former Zanu-PF MP for Harare South Shadreck Mashayamombe will be arrested for being a land baron.

While addressing Zanu-PF supporters during a campaign rally in Harare South, Chiwenga said the era where one has to pay someone to get a residential stand was over. He said people like Mashayamombe will be arrested if found guilty. Said Chiwenga:

As the new dispensation we are not going to punish our people but ensure that they are properly settled and not fleeced of the meagre hard earned resources. The likes of (Shadreck) Mashayamombe should know that we will leave no stone unturned. There are no sacred cows. For now we are focusing on developing the country and doing our elections in a peaceful manner. We do not have time to chase them but we know he and other land barons caused a lot of suffering to the people. The police will act and they will be sent to prison. Government has instituted a land audit committee to investigate cases of housing stands disputes and the scourge of land barons and appropriate action will be taken once that committee produces its report. People will be arrested because you can’t just dupe others and get away with it.

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    This dood Constatino is always threatening people, what kind of public relations that for a VP?

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