Mnangagwa Is Not A Ruler Like Mugabe, Ian Smith: Matemadanda

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While addressing Zanu-PF supporters at Cheziya Community Hall at Gokwe Centre yesterday, Zanu-PF secretary for War Veterans Victor Matemadanda said President Mnangagwa is a leader unlike his predecessor Robert Mugabe who was a ruler like Rhodesian leader Ian Smith.

Matemadanda said Mnangagwa is a team leader. Said Matemadanda:

There is a difference between a ruler and a leader. Since the Ian Smith regime until the end of the Mugabe regime, Zimbabwe was under a ruler. A ruler is selfish and makes decisions without considering how the decisions will impact on other people’s lives. Now we have a leader who is a team player. He is part of the team he leads and we will never go wrong. He is a fellow war veteran. Mugabe was a detainee who refused to become a war veteran that is why he did not understand war veterans’ concerns.

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Ian Douglas Smith(8 April 1919 – 20 November 2007) was a former Rhodesian Prime Minster and one of Africa's controversial leaders. Smith become the first man to oppose British rule by illegally declaring Southern Rhodesia independent through the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) from Britain... Read More About Ian Smith

Robert Mugabe is the former President of Zimbabwe. He was the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe from 1987 to November 2017. Prior to this, he was the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe since the attainment of independence in 1980. Mugabe resigned from his presidency on... Read More About Robert Mugabe

Victor Matemadanda is a Zimbabwean liberation War veteran and politician. He is the current Deputy Minister for War Veterans. Matemadanda is the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA). Matemadanda is a member of Zanu-PF and she is part of the... Read More About Victor Matemadanda


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