Kisinoti Mukwazhe, Moreprecision Muzadzi No Longer Contesting In 2018 Elections

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Zimbabwe Development Party (ZDP) and the Voice of the People (VOP) said they were no longer contesting the elections. ZDP is led by Kisinoti Mukwazhe while VOP is led by Moreprecision Muzadzi.

In a joint statement the two said they have decided not to contest because the outcome of the elections will not be a reflection of the people’s will. Said Mukwazhe and Muzadzi:

The outcome of these elections won’t be a reflection of the true will of the people of Zimbabwe, but of the manipulated, hoodwinked, suppressed and helpless electorate. Observer missions like Sadc and Comesa have already indicated that elections will be free, fair and credible without mentioning grievances and ignoring concerns raised by most political stakeholders.

The duo recently approached the constitutional court seeking to be considered for funding under the Political Parties (Finance) Act.

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Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court is the final court of appeals for all matters relating to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, and its decisions are binding on all other courts in Zimbabwe. It has the power to make the final decision on the constitutionality of an act of... Read More About Constitutional Court


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