Don’t Make Us Doubt You, Heads Will Soon Roll At Zanu-PF Headquarters Warns Matemadanda

War veterans leader and Deputy Minister of Defence (War Veterans) Victor Matemadanda has warned that Zanu-PF is going to purge all people found to be working with the G40 Faction and the MDC Alliance. He also warned people who work at Zanu-PF’s headquarters whose loyalty was questionable. Addressing war veterans Matemadanda said,

…heads will soon roll at Shake Shake building to bring sanity and order. Some officials working at party offices are still working with the G40 and G40 is the Gamatox which is a Rhodesian Reactionary Movement. Thus why NPF is joining hands with MDC Alliance, those are just desperate people who want positions and do not care about the revolution…My word of advice is that those who want to work for the party must not make us doubt them. We have the capacity to root them out. We will close that Shake Shake (Zanu-PF Headquarters) takavhomora vhomora vanhu (and pull out all the malcontents). Yes, we can do it. Makandipa manyawi ndozviita.

…The are some people at Shake Shake building who think they are so special. When they meet us they will behave as if they have come across a bucket of faeces. We want to get rid of those people.

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MDC AllianceG40 Faction

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The Zanu-PF Generation 40, or G40 for short, was a group of Zanu-PF politicians that was believed to be working against the possibility of Emmerson Mnangagwa (Lacoste Faction) succeeding former president Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe. Tentative evidence indicates that the group at one... Read More About G40 Faction

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2 comments on “Don’t Make Us Doubt You, Heads Will Soon Roll At Zanu-PF Headquarters Warns Matemadanda

  1. This Matemathing is a loud mouth who has already forgotten that he fought for the freedom of Zimbabwe and not his selfish murmurings. Elsewhere I read that he compares MDC to Renamo. I do not remember MDC taking up arms like Renamo. True I anot MDC ut I would like to be objective. He contradicts the president who is preaching peace! What is he afraid of? Or shall we read this to mean that ED is using these outdated politicians to indicate that nothing has changed and so come election victory the real colors of the leopard are revealed and we will be told Matemasomthing told you? Far away from home, if this is the general thinking of our War Vets, and I doubt if it is, then we are heading for tough times. This man has nothing good coming from his mouth! His constiuancy must be in serious trouble, God help them!

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