Mugabe Party Candidate Addresses Rally On Bodyguard’s Shoulders, Says ED Is Cruel

Former Zanu-PF legislator for Kwekwe Central Masango Matambanadzo also known as “Blackman” because of his skin complexion, addressed a National Patriotic Front (NPF) rally on his bodyguard’s shoulders.

Matambanadzo was drumming up support for the NPF’s parliamentary candidate Tongai Chinhava, who is contesting in Mbizo constituency. He urged the people to vote Mnangagwa out saying that the Zanu-PF presidential candidate is cruel and a liar. Said Matambanadzo:

We have to vote this liar (Mnangagwa) out on July 30. He is cruel and the people of Kwekwe know that and that has been the reason why they voted for an opposition candidate, Blessing Chebundo (MDC-T). He (Mnangagwa) has been violent and you taught him a lesson and we should repeat it now.

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One Comment on “Mugabe Party Candidate Addresses Rally On Bodyguard’s Shoulders, Says ED Is Cruel

  1. So said the man who addresses people on another man’s shoulder the poor bastard can barely sustain the weight of his master if it was during their Mugabe one would not open his mouth to brand Mugabe as cruel. A man who forgives people like Mugabe and Grace who tried to Kill him by poison and assassination is not cruel unless the word has lost its meaning preach peace matambanadzo or need I call black heart your mouth needs,soap and water

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