MDC Alliance Responds To Mugabe’s NPF’s Claims

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube has denied claims by the Robert Mugabe endorsed National Patriotic Front (NPF) that they are planning to join hands in attempts to unseat President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the July 30 elections.

Ncube said MDC Alliance has no desire to be associated with the terrible rule of Robert Mugabe. Said Ncube:

We do not know the extent to which Robert Mugabe is or is not behind the NPF. We read in the press that he might be the godfather or the motivator. We have no desire whatsoever to be associated with the terrible rule of Robert Mugabe. Make that clear.

He also denied that they were involved in talks with NPF even though some of its members attended the electoral reforms match on Tuesday. Said Ncube:

All we are saying is that there is a common minimum denominator that ‘do you want an end to quasi-military rule; are you prepared to vote for our candidate in order to assist us to remove that junta from power?’ If your answer is yes, we say please work with us to that limited extent. There has been no discussion on border policy issues with NPF. We do not necessarily know what they stand for but there is only that minimum common denominator that we are talking about.

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2 comments on “MDC Alliance Responds To Mugabe’s NPF’s Claims

  1. You contradict yourselves as a party since Chamiswa this very afternoon said Grace Mugabe is welcome and Welshmen says Mugabe is unwelcome—which is which—-but then confusion reigns supreme in the MDC as usual!

  2. The truth is the MDC alliance will do anything to win even if means the vote is coming from the devil. The MDC has nothing in common that brings together but to win which to me is desaster in the making. Its not nice to sneak in the Mugabes back in our politics and that will make them go scot free and they can pull strings from behind scenes.Ask Chamisa that , he wont hear you.

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