Nelson Chamisa To Meet SADC Chair Cyril Ramaphisa

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has said that he will soon be meeting with Sadc chairman and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to get protection for the July 30 Elections. Speaking Addressing thousands of supporters at the Africa Unity Square protest staged to demand electoral reforms, Chamisa said

In the next few days, l am going to visit SADC chairman and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to make sure that we have protection and support of our vote. I will also seek the African Union (AU) support and the international community protection and will not allow any rigged election.

…Recently, I asked Mnangagwa to meet me, but he refused. He even declined a public debate with me. Now we are all coming to you in our numbers with a petition until we get the reforms we want.

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6 comments on “Nelson Chamisa To Meet SADC Chair Cyril Ramaphisa

  1. You are going the wrong way mate South Africa will not dictate to another sovereign state what to do if I WERE you I would learn yo be civil and sharpen your negotiating skills..Mugabe asked SA to intervene they refused. If you had any military background you would catch the gist of what I am saying..what do you think SA can bully Zimbabwe and say play ball or I will send in my troops? Even Trump will do no such thing and many leaders in Africa are exmilitary .They know if you intervene in other states militarily you will have dead bodies coming back home and your POLITICAL life becomes a nightmare .Just win the elections first you are putting the cart before the horse. Diplomacy back home is very ideal. It does not work berating the ARMY and your colleagues must desist from doing the same. This will end in a negotiated agrreement the way I see things. Try what you I tent doing but you will cone to the same ADVICE I am giving you free. You have a mamoth task on hand if you had a respectful attitude since the Mugabe ouster you had a chance of gaining respect from the military the window period was very small and you did not take it I instead you started a battle to dislodge a military Government you still have a lot to learn mate Mutsaikwa is not give you good ADVICE..

  2. I do not think this guy knows what a SADC chairperson means. We have a lot to learn and people like him are dangerous to seek advise from.
    If we are not sure of what to say, we should just shut up.

  3. After reading the articles above especially from Mbongo and Jimalo Jonki only one thing is self evident! Their downright stupidity is clear ! Talking as an Educated Zimbabwean who has suffered from Zanu pf s misrule for many years and decided to cross down to South Africa I now realise how very crucial South Africa is to Zimbabwe’s survival ! The number of Zimbabweans here in S.A. is so frightening! It is like Zimbabwe is a party of South Africa now ! Right now I can comfotably take care of my family -something that I failed to do in my motherland! I can say approximately 5 million Zimbabweans are living here ! To me Ramaphosa is much more helpful than Mnangagwa and Zanu Pf! I would cry if Ramaphosa dies than if Mnangagwa dies because his government is providing healthcare, schooling, food and many services to me and my family! Therefore Chamisa is doing a very good thing to meet with President Ramaphosa! President Ramaphosa as a representative of S.A. has a big say in what happens in Zimbabwe by vitue of being” the second president of Zimbabweans ” S.A. has to put pressure on the Zimbabwean authorities to make sure that a free and fair election is held that will produce a result that reflects the will of the people of Zimbabwe! Anything other than that only perpetuates our suffering! Our hope is not to live here in a foreign land but to go back home and prosper in our motherland! That can only happen if the junta that is running Zimbabwe accept the will of the people! OR if Zimbabweans freely accept the junta in a free and fair election!

    1. Igwee you are very coward and lazy, you need to be employed than to employee. Zimbabwe needs Entrepreneurs. Stay there that is where you belong.

  4. As a new leader it is correct to meet with regional and international leaders to expose oneself as well as to seek personal advice. Obviously I do not think that he is just seated and not reaching out to the military. Which is the main issue during and after this eletion. The army must now start to be professional, as the prsident himself acknowledged. As human beings I suppose they are now aware that changing ‘people or faces’ without changing the system does not work, as examplified by the last six or so months in office by theses soldier leaders. They indeed did a good job but that it a good job! they are however not able to lift the economic challenges given their history … vachingotonga and vachingotonga…!
    I also hope that young Nelson does not solely rely on such encounters but also work with internal and local forces to ensure pressure is duly brought to bare for authorities to do the right thing. Just the mere fact that he is meeting the SA President has some psychological effect. But then again Zimbabweans still have to voice their concern through a deliberate VOTE!

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