Charamba Responds To US Senator’s Comments That Mnangagwa Has Not Done Anything To Ensure Free And Fair Election

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Secretary George Charamba responded to United States Senator Chris Coons who recently told CGTN Africa that President Mnangagwa’s Government had not taken steps to ensure free and fair elections.

Charamba said contrary to Senator Coons’ comments, Mnangagwa had taken steps to ensure peaceful elections and invited election observers. He said there was nothing Mnangagwa could do about the bias State media has towards Zanu-PF. Said Charamba:

First, Government has guaranteed a peaceful poll, which is why the President has been unambiguous in his call for peace as well as taking the unexampled decision to meet with opposition parties once the Nomination Court has confirmed who is genuine and who is not. The idea is to get all parties to commit themselves to a non-violent free poll. Equally, the security structures are under strict orders to undergird peace in the country before, during and after the elections. That’s a key responsibility of Government. Second, the Government has taken a decision to invite international observers of all colour and manner to ensure the whole plebiscite unfolds in the full glare of the world. What Government cannot do and will not do, consistent with the law, is to instruct Zec on how to run the elections. Maybe what is unclear to the Senator is that Zec is a constitutional creature whose independence is provided for in the law. Whether, when and how it releases the voters’ roll and in what format, is for it to determine without undue influence from any player national or international, inside Government or outside Government. How it deploys resources availed to it to arrive at a decision on who will provide voting material, including voting paper, ink and all the attendant paraphernalia, is its prerogative.

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4 comments on “Charamba Responds To US Senator’s Comments That Mnangagwa Has Not Done Anything To Ensure Free And Fair Election

  1. Thats TRUE those who think America is the game changer in declaring a poll free and fair are mistaken if other countries in the EU AU and UK declare the poll free and fair it will not be up to America but the majority of the obsevers ED has bent backwards enough and has called for Election promptly under the grand scheme of things he has done a lot to be honest

  2. So George please do tell us how the ex/military persons within ZEC are not working with ZANU-PF? Surely by now you don’t even believe your own lies anymore because the people with half a brain cell do not.

  3. The concerns seem to be the same, from the British, the italians and ofcourse the Americans.
    Perception is reality. Public stances are understandable but it would be national folly not to heed these clear warning signs. It is to be hoped that this is Charamba merely doing a public relations exercise. In the real world we see the Chinese putting pressure on North Korea in agreement with America’s suggestions. The government proper should perhaps feel that Charamba had his say during the Mugabe era, and asses where that left the country.

  4. The thing g is China and North Korea are related because China is the biggest helper and biggest trade partner. On the other hand America is not our biggest trade partner and their demands seem to support the MDC Zimbabwe is a sovereign state we would take hid if it was U.K. making such comments because they are our excolonial masters. ED DOES NOT HAVE TO SUCCUMB TO AMERICAN DEMANDS THAT ARE AIMED AT ADDRESSING EVERY MDC WHIM INFACT AMERICA SHOULD STOP THROWING THEIR WEIGHT AROUND THEY CAN OBSERVE AND MAKE THEIR DECISION

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