Businesses Ignore Zimra’s Tax Amnesty


Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), Faith Mazani has revealed that most businesses have ignored Zimra’s tax amnesty. The amnesty is ending on the 30th of June. Mazani said that it was unfortunate that most of the businesses had not taken advantage of the amnesty to put their books in order. Said Mazani

This is worrisome because it’s very slow. Very few companies have responded to the tax amnesty. It’s ending in June, so we don’t expect many (corporate) to come over now.

When the amnesty was announced Zimra said,

In an effort to encourage our valued clients to regularize their tax affairs, Government has, through the Finance Act No. 1 of 2018 published on 15 March 2018, made provisions for the granting of a tax amnesty to persons on application. Persons include companies, corporate or unincorporated body of persons and trusts. Any person who has unpaid tax or duty by 1 December 2017 is eligible to apply for tax amnesty. This applies to tax or duty already known by ZIMRA and recorded on its systems or that which a person had not declared to ZIMRA but should have been paid by 1 December 2017. The tax or duty should have been due and payable before 1 December 2017.

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