Rwanda’s Paul Kagame Denies Nelson Chamisa’s Claims That He Helped Craft His ICT Policy

Rwandan president Paul Kagame has denied MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa’s claim that he helped in crafting Rwanda’s ICT policy.

In a response on Twitter, Kagame said he does not know Chamisa and no discussion ever took place between them. Said Kagame:

First my name is Kagame not kagama, second I don’t know this man & no discussion ever happened with him anywhere …Third Rwanda’s ICT policy,projects and programme started before MDC formation and politics! I wish the people of Zimbabwe well

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Speaking at a rally in Beitbridge, Chamisa said he helped Kagame craft his ICT policy when they met in Geneva, Switzerland after being impressed with Chamisa’s presentation. Chamisa said Kagame enquired about him from former president Robert Mugabe who told him that Chamisa belonged to Zanu-PF. Chamisa said he then told Kagame that he belongs to MDC party led by the late Morgan Tsvangirai.


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2 comments on “Rwanda’s Paul Kagame Denies Nelson Chamisa’s Claims That He Helped Craft His ICT Policy

  1. What Chamisa is doing is looking at countries who have sound economies and he claims to have influenced that success that sounds like he is desperate to convince ZIMBABWEANS that he has game changing plans why not just tell people the truth Zimbabwe s economy is in a mess if you vote for me I will commit myself to turnaround the economy it’s it going to be an easy battle but I am resolute to change your lives for the better abd will work with everybody who share the same vision i proposed to do abcd period do not promise far farfetched things like electricity for every house ,bullet trains and spagett roads and banks full of US dollars and try not to set precedence like judging ED on first100 days this is not America if you then get judged by the same rule and you fail to make meaningful changes in 1000days you are already in trouble

    1. You have no facts, go and read Biti’s twitter and also see images of Kagame with Chamisa on several occasions.

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