We Are Not Going To Ban Used Cars, We Will Make Them More Difficult To Import: Minister Bimha

Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Mike Bimha has said that the government is considering increasing the import levies on pre-owned cars in order to discourage people from importing the cars. Speaking to Business Weekly, Bimha said,

We are not going to ban the second-hand cars but to put in place restriction measures to support the growth of the sector.

However, the policy has been criticised as being elitist. Brains Muchemwa, the chief executive of Oxlink Capital said,

The income levels in Zimbabwe are very low and will not sustain viable demand. Vehicle hire purchase should generally not exceed 30 percent of buyers’ monthly incomes. It is a good policy but very elitist.

More: Business Weekly


Mike Bimha

Mike Bimha is a Zimbabwean politician. He is the former Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development; and Member of Parliament for Chikomba West. Read More About Mike Bimha

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  1. Brighton Simelane Reply

    He is insane instead of improving the country’s ever failing economy he thinks of making lives difficult for Zimbabweans. This is why we are saying no to old horses. We need fresh ideas. Zanu and its elitism have failed.

  2. Gamatox Reply

    Bimha is an arsehole. This move is premature. He should do that only when people are earning enough to afford the crap from Willovale.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Crazy fellow just because they can steal monies from the country and buy luxury vehicles then they think cars are meant for them alone

  4. angry mob Reply

    He is so stupid.He wants us to buy those stupid & ridiculous cars from Quest in Mutare that are so expensive for nothing. instead he should consider invite reputable car manufacturers to come and open assembly plants in Zim

  5. Bornfree Reply

    As long as we have ZanuPF leadership & government, the future of Zimbabweans is bleak. Clueless, greedy, corrupt you name it… they are good at it. Poverty will continue to haunt the majority of us. No end to this economic turmoil zvedi. Cry my beloved country!!!

  6. ZANU Reply

    we are praying kuti duty ridzike iye akukwidza hutsinye hwavo haupere

  7. Gathers.. Reply

    Lack of maturity. Whites are/were far better than these old people. Always trying to make lives of Zimbabweans more miserable. Why not looking at the roads and other related infrastrucure……

  8. Chatihomucharewa Mutoko Reply

    truthfully speaking, representing the people of Zimbabwe, the so-called Japanese cars have improved many lives in this country. look at Mshika-shikas, although illegally operating that is a matter debatable, to mobility all this seemed easy now owing to these cars. Just to think or her an esteemed minister saying he wants to increase the tariffs associated with the importation of these cars, is spine-chilling. It shows the minister does not feel for the people in any way.
    The minister is forgetting that he is mobile courtesy of the people he wants to oppress through taxes regime. I appeal to the minister to reconsider his plan and consult the people of Zimbabwe, not bootlickers only and take it up from there. There is surely a better way of making it more exciting than punitive. I take it the president and advisor have seen the fire being created by this Minister and would douse it before it destroys Zimbabwe.

  9. Muchokwinjo Reply

    Always fighting the very same people you claim to represent.absurd

  10. GOGO Reply

    Mota dzacho dzofamba pa migwagwa ipi idzo dzichi dura kudaro?

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