Mukupe Insults Biti On Live Radio, Alleges Biti Is Taking ARVs

Deputy Finance Minister Terence Mukupe insulted MDC Alliance principal Tendai Biti during an interview on Star FM programme 326 Xpress hosted by Phatisani and KVG.

Mukupe alleged that Biti takes anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs after being labelled a drunkard and a clown. Biti who served as Finance Minister in the Government of National Unity (GNU) called Mukupe a clown after he was accused of buying furniture for the late Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. Said Mukupe:

You tell me about being drunk have you taken your pills? You talk about my being drunk have I said that you take ARVs?

Yesterday, the Zanu-PF Government responded to Mukupe’s reckless statements that the army will not let Nelson Chamisa rule if he wins the 2018 elections. Last month, Mukupe was arrested and fined for assaulting his ministry’s finance director, 58-year-old Ignatius Mvere, for allegedly giving him a “paltry $910 travel allowance”.  Watch the video below:

Terence MukupeGovernment of National UnityTendai Biti

Terence Mukupe is a Zimbabwean politician. He is the former Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning. In November 2017 he was appointed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa into a new cabinet. In April 2018, Mukupe was arrested and fined for assaulting his ministry’s finance director.... Read More About Terence Mukupe

The Government of National Unity was a coalition government between the three major political parties in Zimbabwe formed on 13 February 2009 after the signing of the Global Political Agreement. Read More About Government of National Unity

Tendai Laxton Biti is the president of the People's Democratic Party, a prominent lawyer, activist, politician and Member of Parliament for Harare East. Biti was part of the founding team of the Movement for Democratic Change in 1999 together with Morgan Tsvangirai, Gibson Sibanda, Welshman... Read More About Tendai Biti

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Is this makhupe a normal person, to my perception, he is not fit for the position he holds

  2. Tommy Dee Reply

    Mukupe is not fit to hold any cabinet position because of his barbaric behavior. The president must not even think twice but once to fire this self centered barbarian from government.

  3. Jimalo Jonki Reply

    Hamadzangu this uncultured MUKUPE MUST be fired and whoever vetted this uncouth illmannered idiot with mouth diarhorea and gave him a ministerial post must be relieved of his post. On his must slinging with Tendai I have said this and will repeat politics dzokunyombana will never make Zimbabwe move an inch forward. Words are very bad once they leave the mouth can never be retrieved it started with them denigrating the president it shows lack of maturity and an inclination torwards offending behaviour check what has been said !!!!!

  4. Tawa Reply

    What he seems to ignore Mukupe is many senior Gvt officials are on the treatment as well. And attacking with HIV is reversing the efforts of the Gvt as well in removing stigmatization.

  5. mutape Reply

    During your short stint as Dep Fin Min.. u hv said some stuff tht doesnt suit the office u hold! For me… the “Army wil not let Chamisa rule” and “”Stigmatization on pple with HIV” bullshit was all l needed to convince myself about the profile u hv been building for yourself since yo appointment! Recently u undermined yo boss Chinamasa by implying tht Chidzero was the last Finance Minister worth holding tht position! U also undermined His Excellency ED n Dep Mohadi on respecting the will of the people from the forthcoming elections … (jus like yo brother from another mother Shamu..!!) ln.essence you are bent on undoing wht the President is fixing since he came into office… hw dare u…?

    we want u out of office like yesterday… n go farming with Tyson Kasukuwere!


  6. siva nyokana Reply

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  7. igwe Reply

    This mukupe is a total disgrace in a human race .his barbaric behaviour is inhumane .are u there on merit or nepotism pls ED get rid of this bastard b4 sunset

  8. George Ncube Reply

    So it’s fine for Tendai Biti to call Mukupe a clown and a drunk?

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