Kasukuwere Hails Mnangagwa’s Re-engagement Policy

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Former Zanu-PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere who returned to Zimbabwe from self imposed exile hailed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s policy to reengage with the West.

Kasukuwere said the police is necessary for Zimbabwe to move forward. Said Kasukuwere:

It is neccessary for the country to be part of the community of nations. We have got to be in there. We got to move our nation foward. We’ve got to access lines of credit and so forth so that Zimbabwe moves on. I do not think anyone can be against the agenda that will bring about more opportunities for our people. Zimbabwe is for all Zimbabweans and in fact it is sad that we remain bogged down in conflict when what we should be doing is to say how do we move our nation foward. The people expect much more. They do not eat our fights. People want food on the table. They want jobs. People want a better health system; that is what must define Zimbabwe.

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  1. Mbongo says:

    He comes back willingly because he knows those purported to have committed offences have been let scot free.
    The Herald has not said anything about why he was away for 6 months. ZANU PF obviously called him back. The police have no initial report about offences levelled against him and therefore can not do anything.
    He still calls us his people and has been given a platform to hail the President before he could answer to allegations levelled against him.
    The next one is Jonathan Moyo. The professor will come and stir the boat in ZANU PF but I think it’s too late as it is sinking.
    If I were at editor of a newspaper in Zimbabwe, the headline of it today the 23rd May 2018, would read “Lacost welcomes exiled G40”.
    Where are we heading as Zimbabweans.

    1. vince says:

      this is really sickening, these people are always going to take zimbabwean citizens for granted, brigadier rugeje is not delivering now they want this guy to run the commissariat.

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