I Don’t Know What Rigging Is, I Don’t Know What Losing An Election Is: Kembo Mohadi

In an interview with The Chronicle, Vice President Kembo Mohadi denied that Zanu-PF rigs elections. He also said that he does not know what losing an election is.

He said Zanu-PF cannot rig an election run by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) which he said is an independent body. ZEC has been accused of being biased towards Zanu-PF in the past. Said Mohadi:

I don’t know what rigging is all about just as good as I don’t how losing an election is all about. If the opposition is talking about Zanu-PF losing or rigging I don’t know how they arrived at that conclusion. How do we rig an election which is run by an independent body? Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) is independent and there is no Zanu-PF member there who will be rigging elections in its favour. If the opposition has issues pertaining to elections, Zec is there to verify what they don’t understand. We don’t run elections as Zanu-PF. How do we rig something that we don’t run? We are equal participants like them.

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4 comments on “I Don’t Know What Rigging Is, I Don’t Know What Losing An Election Is: Kembo Mohadi

  1. Uyasidelela wena xhegu . ZANU PF and ZEC are partners in crime . Can you tell the nation what happened to the election results in the first election of 2008. Why did it take ZEC so long to announce the election results if there was no ulterior motive

  2. Kembo Mohadi u Don’t Know What Losing An Election Is because you grown up in corrupt governement who loose and steal remain in power. You don’t know what is rigging is because you grown-up with mafias who always do rigging and you don’t know which side is right .£stupid

  3. i told this lunatic is in need of help. i mean urgent psycathric examination whenever he opens his mouth he spews bullcrap

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