Govt Suspends Mbanje Farming

In an interview with Daily News, Deputy Finance Minister Terence Mukupe said Government has suspended the licensing and growing of mbanje (marijuana).

Mukupe said Government decided to suspend the issuing of licenses due to the misconception that people will be allowed to grow Mbanje on their farms. He said the applications for licenses have been handed over to the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) and that over 350 people had applied. Said Mukupe:

All the applications had been submitted to MCAZ, but what has since happened is that MCAZ has put everything on hold . . . the response was quite overwhelming. MCAZ has put on hold licensing until they are pretty clear in terms of all the modalities like; how do we actually implement?

He said government needed to conduct a “proper feasibility study”.

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2 comments on “Govt Suspends Mbanje Farming

  1. This is a dangerous manifestation of policy inconsistency. What was the rush for without a feasibility study. This smacks of a kneejerk reaction in response to special pleadings.

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