Britain Has Never Been Neutral In Zim Politics, It May Get It Wrong Again Like In 1980

Writing in an op-ed, Nqaba Matshazi of NewsDay argues that the British Ambassador Catriona Laing is backing President Emmerson Mnangagwa to win the 2018 harmonised elections. He draws parallels between the current situation and what happened in 1980 when the British backed Abel Muzorewa, warning that they may get it wrong once again. Writes Matshazi,

Then, in 1980, the British were obsessed with the idea of building an economically strong country or as Anthony Duff, an envoy of the British told the South African government just ahead of the Lancaster House conference that their aim was to create “… an independent [country], accepted internationally, able to restore itself economically …”

Sound familiar?

The British are again pushing for a strong country economically and conveniently forgetting human rights abuses, which they were all too happy to talk about a few short years, talk about being fickle.

Before and in the lead up to the 1980 elections, they were desperate to get rid of the Rhodesia problem and again expediency seems to be the underlying theme of their engagement with Zimbabwe.

The British have never been neutral observers in the Zimbabwean electoral process, they have been badly wrong in the past and they could be wrong again this year.

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One Comment on “Britain Has Never Been Neutral In Zim Politics, It May Get It Wrong Again Like In 1980

  1. Britain did not support Muzorewa they supported Robert Mugabe that man went to the polls knowing he would win .Britain wanted to stop the war and they did. Chamisa and company must stop upping the temperature to borrow Hard talk presenters words,A stable Zimbabwe is ideal to everybody ZIMBABWEANS and British and even American people. Chamisa must act mature kutukirira Army Generals is not a very wise thing and to threaten to cause unreast if you lose is not the right thing to do once British people’s see you are inclined to start unrest or war you are attracting their attention it’s a fight you will only come out second best no matter how good you are word of advice preach peace inflammatory statements will make sure the tables are turned against you. ED knows that Chamisa will need to take hid and free advice he is in no position to start any problems if he loses if the international community feels the elections are free and fair campaign wisely and preach peace you may have a chance speak threats and you will sure lose nobody wants war we have had enough of it it’s a very expensive exercise

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