Kondozi Farm Should Be Taken Away From Mushohwe, He Has Failed To Run It: Chamisa

MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa has promised to revive Kondzozi Farm in Manicaland so that it benefits the community. He took a swipe Scholarships minister Chris Mushohwe for running down the once productive farm after taking during the land reform programme. Speaking at a rally in Marange, Chamisa said,

Mushohwe has reduced a once promising farm into a white elephant. As soon as are we elected into office, let’s take back Kondozi and revive it. It should develop the lives of local communities and earn the country foreign currency. We will retire Mushohwe and we will make sure he will do what he knows best and let Kondozi do its best. We want to also revive Tanganda and Cairns.

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One Comment on “Kondozi Farm Should Be Taken Away From Mushohwe, He Has Failed To Run It: Chamisa

  1. Former owners of Kondozi Enterprises were evicted on Good Friday 2004. The enterprise exporting fresh vegetables to Britain almost immediately collapsed and Zimbabwe lost US$15 million per annum in exports earnings. The De Klerks and their families have since scattered across the globe, and time has a way of cementing loyalties to these new lands they have found in USA, England, Tanzania, and Mocambique. A visit to the farm in 2015 showed the skeleton of a once successful enterprise reduced to ruins. Farm infrastructure completely broken, irrigation piping disappeared farm implements standing idle and rusted, homes completely destroyed. Not a picture of success, in fact quite a travesty, but made the bitter harvest of eviction seem less so. The greatest sadness is that the remaining few ex employers from Kondozi were unemployed, hopeless, in poor health and wearing rags. Where was the gain to this travesty of grand theft? Check out the video of what remains for a quick scope into current reality of this former farming venture – find us on Facebook Justice Denied #justicedeniedzimbabwe .

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