David Coltart Praises Chamisa For Doing HardTalk Interview, Takes Swipe At Mnangagwa

Senator David Coltart who accompanied MDC Alliance Presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti to the United Kingdom praised the MDC-T leader for doing the HardTalk interview. 

Coltart acknowledges Chamisa was grilled by HardTalk host Stephen Sackur but praises him for doing the interview. He takes a swipe at President Emmerson Mnangagwa who has not appeared on the show. Coltart said the HardTalk interview will act as a learning curve for Chamisa whom he described as a quick learner. Said Coltart:

Inevitably there have been detractors, mainly from people who are now in the employ of the Mnangagwa regime or who write for the propaganda rags such as the Herald and the Chronicle. Nelson Chamisa was given a grilling on Hardtalk, as was to be expected. No doubt he has learned from the experience and he is a quick learner. Having done Hardtalk twice myself I know how demanding it is and I respect that he was prepared to go into the firing line – something his principal opponent in this election appears not prepared to do.

He also urged the electorate to vote for Chamisa admitting that he is not perfect saying” None of is perfect – but at this moment in our history we cannot let perfection be the enemy of the good.”

Read David Coltart’s Full Statement On The UK Trip Here


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11 comments on “David Coltart Praises Chamisa For Doing HardTalk Interview, Takes Swipe At Mnangagwa

  1. Chamisa has bad advisers MUNANGAGWA WAS interviewed at Davos and he came tops because he thinks before he answers Chamisa says give me presidency and you will see. Exposure is lacking I am sure even if he had the same interview he would still shoe his ingorence You Coltart should have advised HIM that UK has well educated and accomplished professionals and a boy from a third world developing country who have never had education abroad must not expect to lie his way through things

  2. Jimalo-Munangagwa has been working for the deposed dictator for 50 years and he has learned a lot from the tactics of the former dictator. Hard talk is not about the aspirations of the suffering masses of Zimbabwe. It is not the British people who are suffering but the toiling masses of Zimbabwe crying for change. Chamisa is young and learning which all progressive Zimbabweans appreciate. Munangagwa is using Mugabe’s system and I do not understand your logic of comparing Munangagwa’s performance at Davos with the young man who is growing and learning. Being educated abroad is not a passport for good governance. A lot of good leaders were educated in their countries like Mandela and Masire who built Botswana’s economy but he was a primary school teacher with standard six. Chamisa is not aspiring to be a Prime Minister of UK but a president of Zimbabwe. Jimalo stop talking like an illiterate, Coltart is better than you in all respects but he objectively saw the effort the third world boy did. I can not understand why you ZANU PF can not stick to facts. Munangagwa who had his law degree at the University of Zambia, in what way is he better than Chamisa except by being twice the age of Chamisa. I have seen a lot of your comments about Chamisa which are senseless and shows a man who is on a junta’s payroll to influence public opinion. We have been fooled for 38 years and now we want the public tender for printing the ballot paper. Jimalo please, do not undress yourself by being a willing tool working for 30 pieces of silver. Your great leader is afraid of having a national debate but a mole like you does not see anything wrong about that. Facts and willingness to accept change is the only way forward for us not to be prophets of doom like most of the ass lickers. Ass licking is an art which is difficult to eradicate. Chinja maitiro

  3. Hardtalk seperate boys from men. Who need people like our own Worriers who go to Afcon to lose and tell us that at least they appeared and they went there to learn. Beware to be an etermal learner because those ahead won’t wait for you to catch up. I think a fail is a fail and learning is learning. ZANU PF faild can we say they are learning. Chamisa failed to shine. We wish him the best next time. Don’t cover up for these politians look where they have drawn us to.

  4. n’anga ngaingogara iri n’anga nekuti in’anga zveshuwa inoshandiswa nerima kunoendwa husiku chinozikamwa hapana…..vaJimalo vanoda kukweshwa yavo kubva zvayakawira karikadiki haina kuzoita kuti brain dzavo dzishande muvaendese pan’anga apo rima rigorobetserana Chiedza chirikuuya naChamisa

  5. if you want to know chamisa passed that hard talk imi ma Zanu go and check hard talk yaMugabe the educated and respected leader akaitadza.Bill Clinton akada kutoita hondo.nigerian president go check and compare with chamisa then you talk mnangagwa nemhosva dzavo dzeZanu haapindure kana word.Plus wat is (HARD TALK) you must think about that word you don’t have time to answer because the presenter if he’s stupid like Sackur you and up telling him funk off

    1. So if Sucker is stupid neHard Talk yake why Go there in the first place..and why Go to the UK and yet those people don’t vote for you?call a spade a spade.

  6. Caviedee- idofo. We’re discussing if our guy shined or not. What a does a name have to do with Hardtalk or civilization. You know what Caviedee? ‘You failed’ Dismally to be precise. Your presentation amounted to nothing.

  7. Gumalo ..u seem to respect Coltart and his brains….yet u failed to see the wisdom in his presentation regardless of how hard he tried to make it clear….u is an illiterate old man….if u are not paid then u are surely dull…

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