War Veterans Demand Reintegration, Reinsertion Programme, Say It Was Done Poorly After The Liberation War

Douglas Mahiya, the spokesperson for the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), has called for the government to implement the United Nations’ Demobilisation, Disarmament, Reintegration and Reinsertion programme. He said that the last two components were done poorly after the liberation war. Mahiya added that most war veterans were poor and had no means to support themselves because of this.

Reintegration calls for skills training and provision of education, upgrading the general living conditions of those who would have been fighting and in this country that was not done and this is why you find war veterans with no means of survival.

…Many war veterans are displaced during the war and this is where reinsertion comes into place. The war veterans have to be settled and live harmoniously in a society with other people. This was not done in this country and this is why war veterans are as poor as church mouse in this country.

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