Zimra Discovers Plot To Steal $2 Million, 9 Senior Staff Placed On Forced Leave

Zimra commissioner-general Faith Mazani has revealed that at least nine senior staff members have been placed on forced leave. The revenue authority is investigating a case where the 9 are alleged to have connived to steal $2 million from Zimra. Said Mazani,

We don’t know how it was supposed to happen, because I don’t have the modus operandi and I don’t know who was doing it. What I am just happy about is that we managed to intercept somebody who was trying to transfer funds from a Zimra account into some, I will call them taxpayer, but I don’t know who they are — whether they are our suppliers or customers.

We are happy that it is actually our staff that identified the issue and we are happy that the efforts we are putting in place are bearing fruits.

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