Don’t Include All War Vets In Your Personal Issues: Mutsvangwa Warned

Special adviser to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Christopher Mutsvangwa has been told to behave like a comrade after he refused to accept his election loss in the Zanu-PF Primary Elections. A furious Mutsvngwa claimed that the war veterans would choose the people instead of Zanu-PF and launched a scathing attack on Zanu-PF political commissar Lieutenant-General Engelbert Rugeje. However Sunday Mail columnist Bishop Lazarus, who is suspected to be Presidential spokesperson George Charamba wrote,

Let’s start with Mutsvangwa. You know I actually thought the good comrade had mistaken Statutory Instrument 62 of 2018? I thought he thought it’s about consumption of mbanje and he had gone ahead to “puff the spliff” in rasta lingo.

Mutsvangwa’s reaction to his loss during the ZANU-PF primary elections was very un-comrade like. Look, Mutsvangwa is a jolly good fellow who speaks his mind and his verbosity really excites quite a number of people. He can spew those jaw-breakers like he is reading that Student Companion book. Many scribes enjoy it, but there was nothing to enjoy about this comrade’s reaction to his loss. He had no kind words for ZANU-PF national commissar, Lieutenant-General (retired) Engelbert Rugeje on the way the way the primary elections were held.

This is not how comrades behave. This is not how comrades react and this is definitely not the way that comrades treat other comrades. NO. NO. NEVER! Comrade Mutsvangwa, iyi sandiyo nzira yemasoja yekuzvibata nayo. No, comrade kwete! However angry and however the injustice. The presidential advisor doesn’t behave like a jilted lover… A whole presidential advisor screaming to the world that the President could lose elections, just because he thinks something has gone wrong in Norton?

…And please, comrade Mutsvangwa, stop this system of trying to rope in all war veterans in your personal issues. People should never be afraid of war veterans. War veterans should be respected and this new dispensation has shown that it respects war veterans. Izvi zvekutyityidzirana kuti pangoitika something you don’t like you quickly say “ndodeedza boys rangu” is very wrong and shows disrespect for the war veterans. Pamberi nema war veterans edu!

Clearly, Mutsvangwa has issues with the Lieutenant-General (retired) Rugeje and Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs Minister Webster Shamu, but there are far much better ways of resolving those differences than kupaumba pamberi pepwere. Ko kana imi baba modaro, isu vana todii?

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3 comments on “Don’t Include All War Vets In Your Personal Issues: Mutsvangwa Warned

  1. I do not think a special adviser to the President should be asked to partake in Primaries The president should just appoint him he has a serious and special duty he does not need the distruction that the vagaries of campaigning for primary elections he needs to focus on giving advice to ED especially now with pwere dzakaita saanaChamisa vachidzamba dzamba kwese believe G40

  2. He has had a sense of entitlement for a very long long time and it will take time for him to realise that things have changed.

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