Student Nurse Gets 12 Years After Bank Error In His Favour, Spent $54 000 Thinking It Was Miracle Money

Midlands provincial magistrate Phathekile Msipa sentenced Kelvin Kutadza (24) to 12 years in prison after convicting him of 54 counts of theft.

Kutadza who is a final year student nurse at Gweru Provincial Hospital received $54 000 after computer errors by his bank, Central African Building Society (CABS) between July and September 2017. Kutadza used the money to purchase a house in Mkoba 19 suburb for $32 460 and two vehicles for $5 500 and $5000. He was arrested after the bank discovered the error and only $2 384.12 was recovered.

However, Magistrate Msipa suspended 3 years on condition of good behaviour, and another 3 years on condition that Kutadza pays back the money to CABS. Kutadza was supposed to graduate this Saturday (05 May).In mitigation, Kutadza claimed that he was a devout Christian who honestly believed that he had received miracle money. Said Kutadza,

When I checked my account and saw the money, I thought it was miracle money. I’m a Christian and thought that my prayers had been answered and I regret using the money. I’m a final year student nurse at Gweru Provincial Hospital and I am supposed to graduate on May 5. May the court pardon me.

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  1. Mimi Reply

    Sorry nurse, l would probably have done the same thing if the fortunes landed in my bank account!!! Money answereth all things:)
    Ende wakaita zvine musoro nemari yacho.

  2. L Mhondiwa Reply

    This doesn’t make sense on the part of this bank. A computer error that reflects 6 months later is very tempting and anyone in his shoes would do the same and judgement by this court is too harsh. I also have an account with CABS now reflecting an overdraft of $266 as a result of double credit to my account in September last. The bank should pull up its socks.

  3. Thaphelo Reply

    Bedakiwe betunywe bani khuthi bafake leyo Mali ayikho lento

  4. Zvakangoomaso Reply

    This is bad. I have an overdraft too with Cabs which reflected 6 months later. The judge was just mean. I would have bought a house too. Kuroya chaiko kwakaitwa najudge

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Cabs nxaa. Marara ebank. Judge uyu anogwara. Miracle money is there

    • Roundy Reply

      Keep believing that and you’ll be the next one being led in handcuffs…

  6. Roundy Reply

    Using money that is not yours is theft regardless of who’s fault it was. He should have gone to the bank and queried the amounts before using the money. Accepting lying tales by these Profits (yes profits) will land you in jail. No easy money, work hard for it….

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