5 000 Registered Voters Die, To Be Removed From Voters’ Roll

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Speaking at a Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) election reporting workshop held at a Masvingo hotel on Friday, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) deputy Commissioner Emmanuel Magadi said at least 5 000 registered voters have passed on before the completion of Biometric Voters’ registration exercise. He said these people will be removed from the voters’ roll.

He dismissed reports that ZEC is removing people from the voters’ roll for no reason adding that the system is foolproof. Said Magadi:

By the time the country goes for elections, the names of the deceased would have been removed from the roll. Our system is foolproof that when one dies today, we will know it and remove the name from the voters roll. We get this information from the Department of Registry where relatives of the deceased acquire death certificates. So far, it has come to our attention that 5 000 of those who have registered under BVR, have died. At no time will Zec remove any name unless the person is registered twice. We have situations whereby some people were registering under two or more wards during the ongoing BVR and we will address this through contacting the voter over the matter. We will ask him or her which ward will he/she want to use for voting purposes.

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The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is an independent body which controls and or manages all election processes at all levels in Zimbabwe. Despite being registered as a non-partisan body, ZEC has been criticised for aligning itself with the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU... Read More About Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

Masvingo is one of Zimbabwe's smaller cities which is located on south eastern part of Zimbabwe. It is the capital of the Masvingo Province. The city is known mostly for it's proximity to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, an ancient city located about 28 kilometers away.... Read More About Masvingo


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  1. Leonie says:

    Only a fool could believe any system is fool proof

  2. Tich Mikel says:

    But kumusha vanhu vanongofa voviigwa pasina ďeath certificate

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