We Can Still Make The Independence Dream Come True: Nkosana Moyo’s Independence Day Message

Fellow citizens, at 38 Zimbabwe should be a maturing nation preparing to move in to her 40’s with confidence. Instead, we are a punch drunk unsteady country, unsure of our destiny and without any credibility either domestically or internationally.

The promise of independence was a country of equal opportunity for all and freed from racism and injustice for the black majority. We looked forward to a united country where opportunities would abound for all citizens with perfectly attainable goals of health and education for all by 2000. Today, our health and education facilities are a sorry sight. We anticipated a booming economy, stemming from our strategic location in the region and manufacturing base. Today, our capacity is less than 30% and falling. We knew our work ethic would lead to sustainable food security but today our farmers go for weeks without being paid their dues. Our country is in crisis in all aspects of life, from an uprooted constitutional order to a devastated economy and broken families. The predatory elite that took power and retained it at all costs continues to rule over us and ruin the country. Only we, the citizens, can still make the independence dream come true.

The Alliance for the People’s Agenda, APA, has a plan to restore the promise of independence based on our pillars of national cohesion, national institutions, service delivery, meritocracy and sound economic management. We understand that only the right combination of core values and competence will bring about lasting peace and prosperity for our people. We, the citizens, have a responsibility and duty towards our country. The APA logo is an hour glass to remind us all of the importance of time. Time is of the essence and time waits for no man. We must
seize the opportunity of the imminent elections and make sure we lose no more time. It is time to complete the independence journey. Let us elect a party and a leader with the capacity to deliver the missing element of our indepedence, that is economic independence.

As we edge towards 40, let us challenge ourselves to display the maturity required of voters who have seen much, experienced the worst and now long for the fulfillment of democracy’s promise. Our soldiers brought us political independence. We now need a different type of freedom fighter…we desperately need an economic liberator. It is time to vote APA for core values and competence and for a sustainable future.

It is time • Yava Nguva • Sekuyisikhathi

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2 comments on “We Can Still Make The Independence Dream Come True: Nkosana Moyo’s Independence Day Message

  1. The most sense seen from a Zimbabwean yet but what of property rights without this issue clearly defined you have nice words but nowhere to go.
    What about recovering “acquired” property both black and white?
    What about criminal charges for those who murdered raped and stole from their own in the name of politics.

  2. Step up your campaign sir, we are still listening but you are somehow silent. please speak, we are listening, we haven’t fond hope, we are still searching.

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