Nurses Respond To Chiwenga: Nothing Has Changed, Strike Will Continue

Following Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s decision to fire all nurses who have gone on strike, the Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) has advised its members that nothing has changed and that the strike will continue.

In a statement, ZINA said,

The Zimbabwe Nurses Association has taken note of the press statement currently circulating on media platforms where Government alleges to have fired all striking nurses.

We would want to urge our members to remain calm during these times. The position as already submitted to government on behalf of ZINA’s suffering members remains the same. As a result, we advise all nurses that nothing has changed thus far with regards to the industrial action which is ongoing.

You will receive full information in response to the press statement by the Honourable VP in
due course.

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5 comments on “Nurses Respond To Chiwenga: Nothing Has Changed, Strike Will Continue

  1. Urgently, more constructive dialogue is needed between Gvt and Participants in this Medical Industrial Action which by the way is a national question and still historical as it affects all directly and indirectly due to inherently deep seated dispensational setbacks. What percentage increase is the 17 mln US$ per nurse /medical officer ….what does it translate to in terms of salary increase, for globally it sounds big, whereas as a share per medical officer it may be irritatingly insignificant? Be as it may progressive dialogue and Godliness above all by the parties involved and the nation as a whole is where the panacea is and not threats, ultimatums; or unilateral approaches to the issue [How many people-patients innocent and helpless are dying every minute, hour, day as we haggle on percentages… and How much does it cost to fly a state functionary outside the country to Europe; Asia; South Africa since the cleverer stewards over the past 37 yrs pulled down/destroyed our own once great medical services /systems ]. Equally in all instances the nation keeps suffering and bleeding, especially the betrayed poor rural and urban HAVE NOTS whose existence is defencelessly at the ransom of the seemingly insensitive stewards.

  2. This industrial action by nurses should not be viewed in isolation. Those of our people in the healthcare industry are not the only group that is being affected by the obtaining economic difficulties. Everyone across the entire spectrum of the Zimbabwean economy is equally affected. Every citizen involved in the productive sectors of this economy is being affected. Therefore we need to find solutions to these problems together. Lets give the new Government a chance. We cant apportion blame to the new President. He is a new team coach on the field of play. He needs support from all the stakeholders. Nurses have their statutory duty of care which they are required to religiously execute at all times.

  3. New➡? He was part of the cabinet for the past37 odd years, he has first hand information on the problems the civil servants are facing.

  4. Zimbabweans when are we going to rest we are not reaching a destination as long as we can not use our brains wisely.lets give Ed chance just one term. He can not lead for 4 month after removing a fearless person who ruled for 37 years never ever.Im in SA now we shal suffer guys. I know this governmemt failed for a long time but the horse has changed give him chance pliz.

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