Chiwenga Is Running The Country Like A Barrack, Labour Issues Don’t Require Military Solution : Dr Chimhutu

Vice President, retired General Constantino Chiwenga has been accused of running the country like a military barrack after he fired all striking nurses last night. The accusation was made by the Dr Victor Chimhutu of the Zimbabwe Yadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe (ZYMiZ) organisation.

In a statement Dr Chimhutu said,

Zimbabwe Yadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe is shocked and appalled by the militarization of labour disputes as striking nurses are fired.ZYMiZ is shocked and dismayed to learn that the government of Zimbabwe has fired all striking nurses with immediate effect.

The government of Mnangagwa is willfully disregarding the constitution of the country. Section 59 of our constitution guarantees the right of citizens to petition and demonstrate. We understand the nurses legally filed a notice of job action as prescribed by the labour act and hence the response by the government is not only shocking but appalling.

ZYMiZ is in solidarity with Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) and the striking nurses and will stand in solidarity with any marginalized groups and sections of our society. The new government is proving to be too heavy-handed making rushed and military-style decisions. It is no secret anymore that Chiwenga is the main man who is running the country like a barrack.

We have to remind the coup regime that labour issues do not require military solutions. Not every problem is a nail and not every solution is a hammer. The regime must take note that forces are galvanizing, the people of Zimbabwe are out of the false euphoria. Since the November coup, we have seen the rise of a more defined kleptocratic, insidious and megalomaniac regime with no regard to the constitution of the land, rule of law and social, political and economic justice.

As a grassroots citizens movement, we will continue to mobilize and stand in solidarity with all Zimbabweans in the margins. We encourage our membership and all living in the periphery of our society to prepare to confront the regime IF it continues to flagrantly disregard the laws of the land.
Mnangagwa must understand that the euphoria of November last year was for the departure of Mugabe and not for his arrival.

The regime stole the people’s revolution that has been simmering up since the turn of the 21st century. We will continue to challenge hegemonic power structures without fear or favour, especially this kleptocratic cum capitalistic regime masquerading as a representing the voices of the people.

We call up peasants, lumpen proletariats, informal traders- this is the time to stand up and be counted. We call up to the labour movement, the student movement- let’s all stand up and be counted.

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6 comments on “Chiwenga Is Running The Country Like A Barrack, Labour Issues Don’t Require Military Solution : Dr Chimhutu

  1. I think Chiwenga is not wrong because nursing is an essential service that involves lives nurse should try to negotiate and use industrial action maybe in the extreme case resort to industrial action

    1. you don’t have to think!

      the strike is above board and your General is 10000% wrong to think he can do whatever he wants just in order to coerce nurses into slavitude? working hard for nothing and under very difficult conditions!

      you are obviously Zanu and benefit from the status quo that why your insensitivity is rearing it’s ugly head in support of this bullshit government led by idiotic shameless brutal power mongers.

      The people will vote for change this time around. enough is enough!

  2. Mucharipa you have no heart just like these nurses who have been fired. 3 Of my relatives died due to lack of medical attention when these nurses where on strike. Its rubbish to condemn VP Chiwenga’s action.

    Absolute rubbish. Lets respect the lives of people and provide essential services.

    1. Mucharipa is very correct,the problem here is not the nurses on strike but the government which is failing to respond to the nurses grievances, and after all these nurses are not the first ones to strike many strikes have been there before this one, they want to be heard not FIRED. this totally shows lake of wisdom and the the heartless nature of your VP.

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