Zimbabweans Take On The #JuliusMalemaChallenge

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The #JuliusMalemaChallenge has been trending on Twitter ever since firebrand South African politician, Julius Malema made an impassioned speech in which he called out all the people he felt were shading crocodile tears for the late liberation war icon Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.


Zimbabweans also took up the challenge and here are some of the more interesting tweets:


Zanu-PF Members Want Known G40 Members To Be Barred From Contesting. Chiyangwa, Mupfumi Cited


Econet Wireless Granted 25-Year Licence To Construct, Operate Own Power Plant


  1. Anonymous says:

    even mugabe is crying foul…….give us a signal Mama

  2. max maphosa says:

    Its fair for Malema to say so, educated Zimbabweans lack creativity. We have so many highly educated people but with very little to show, that is why we continue to be laughing stock of the word. We are just book worms ,maybe ,just may be and the next big thing ,we will be big copy cats. I am sure of that.

  3. bonginkosinyathi3 says:

    If u can still choose Barabbas ,so Lord Jesus can be put in prison,its a shame if u think Zirough PF can bring change# where is 2million jobs maZimbabwe be careful of onother 38×2years of military empty Chinees rule ,Vote wisely .Dont listen to Empty leaders who run around the globe preaching lies of Zim is open for Business lies ,lies n more lies.MDC Alliance for a new and a better Zimbabwe

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