Joram Gumbo Justifies Why Zimbabwe Airways Uses His Daughter’s House As Offices

Speaking during an interview on ZiFM Stereo with Larry Kwirirayi on Monday evening Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Joram Gumbo justified why Zimbabwe Airways set up offices at his brother’s daughter Mavis Gumbo’s Gletwin house.

Gumbo said Zimbabwe Airways were operating from Air Zimbabwe offices and they had to leave so as not to cause confusion. Said Gumbo:

In order to separate this deal at that time when we had not come to this situation where we are at today, they had to move out. So they looked for accommodation all over and they were impressed and liked to have the accommodation at Mavis Gumbo’s house. A purely business deal that was done through estate agents and why Zim Airways took up the premises as I understand; is because it is spacious, it has got offices and they are using it as accommodation for their staff. So its accommodation and offices. I don’t think anybody who is a Gumbo or related to a Gumbo or related to somebody in any position will be barred to do any business because there is a relationship. It’s not by me, it doesn’t benefit me, it’s her house, it’s being rented out, it’s taken from estate agents. What’s wrong with that?

Asked what procedure was used to decide that Mavis Gumbo’s house should be used as Zimbabwe Airways offices Gumbo said:

Government is people and institutions or corporates are run by people and offices are for corporates. Those running Zim Airways were looking for offices. I don’t know where they could get offices other than houses and that’s what they did.

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'Zimbabwe Airways is Zimbabwean airline.One of the planes which arrived in April of 2018 was registered as Z-RGM. Read More About Zimbabwe Airways

Joram Macdonald Gumbo is a Zimbabwean politician who is a member of the ZANU-PF party. Gumbo is the Minister of Energy and Power Development. He is the Member of parliament for Mberengwa West Constituency. Gumbo was re-elected in the 2018 harmonized election after getting 10... Read More About Joram Gumbo

Larry Kwirirayi is a Zimbabwean radio personality, blogger and founding editor of media site He is a talk show presenter at ZiFM Stereo. Read More About Larry Kwirirayi


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4 comments on “Joram Gumbo Justifies Why Zimbabwe Airways Uses His Daughter’s House As Offices

  1. I really doubt wether Gumbo’s mental status is good. Just listening to him talk uttering rubbish after rubbish is a fatal blow to Zanu and ED especially after his selection of an idiotic imbecile to be a minister.

    Does conflict of interest or corporate governance exist in this fake minister’s vocabulary?

    Vote for change people! This is what we are fighting. To have competent leadership not this crap.

  2. Air Zimbabwe is collapsing….Zimbabwe airways is growing..
    The management from the former is doing wonders to the latter.
    Mmm….I have my worries.

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