I Can’t Wait To Face Mnangagwa In A Proper Court Of Law: Jonathan Moyo

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Former cabinet minister and exiled G40 faction kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo has declared that he is itching for an opportunity to face President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his “henchmen” in a proper court of law which respects the rule of law. Speaking to The Standard, Moyo declared that he had sufficient evidence that Mnangagwa and the military plotted and attempted to kill him in November last year. Said Moyo,

I have never been afraid of being arrested by a competent constitutional authority with the constitutional powers of arrest. Nguni is not a law enforcement official. He is Mnangagwa’s henchman dating back to their Zambia days and an alleged fugitive from justice in South Africa.

Just like the sun will rise tomorrow, it’s not whether, but when the wheels of justice will catch up with Mnangagwa’s use of Nguni to illegally harass and arrest Mnangagwa’s political opponents.

In the wee hours of November 15, 2017, some 15 heavily armed soldiers shot their way into my home and into every room in the house with the manifest intent to kill me.

By the grace of God, my family and I had vacated the house, but the trail of military destruction they left behind speaks for itself and I can’t wait to have my day in court, not just in Zimbabwe when justice is restored but internationally, about what the military did at my house on November 15, 2017.

Only idiots think what the military did at my house on that day was an attempt to effect a lawful arrest and that, given what happened, I should subject myself to the coup government and expect justice.

The coup minutes are clear that they wanted to kill and not arrest me. So, no, I’m not afraid of Mnangagwa’s henchmen like Nguni. With the evidence that’s now available, including affidavits and coup minutes, it would be great to engage Mnangagwa’s henchmen in an extradition hearing in a neutral country where the rule of law is a reality. I’m itching to meet them in a competent open court under the rule of law.

As for your supposition of Zanu PF winning the next elections, I don’t see how a party that died after it humiliated its founding leader, President Robert Mugabe, in a bloody military coup can win any election. So, no worries about Zanu PF winning an election as that will not happen.

Moyo has previously claimed that former G40 compatriot Saviour Kasukuwere fled to former President Robert Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence without notifying him when at least 25 Special Air Service (SAS) snipers attacked them.

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Jonathan MoyoG40 Faction

Jonathan Moyo is a Zimbabwean politician and former member of the ZANU-PF party where he was a member of the party's Politiburo. He is also the former minister of Higher and Tertiary Education. Moyo was expelled from Parliament as the (Tsholotsho North) Legislator in November... Read More About Jonathan Moyo

The Zanu-PF Generation 40, or G40 for short, is a group of Zanu-PF politicians believed to be working against the possibility of Emmerson Mnangagwa (Lacoste Faction) succeeding President Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe. Recent tentative evidence indicates that the group may be in favour... Read More About G40 Faction

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