I Am Being Persecuted For My Principles, I Was Never Paid By Zanu-PF: Thokozani Khupe


Underfire opposition politician and former MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe has denied claims that she was paid by the ruling Zanu-PF party to destroy the opposition. She also claimed that she was a victim of political persecution because of her principled stand. Speaking to The Standard, Khupe said,

I am not a Zanu PF supporter and l have never been involved in those things. I stand guided by my loyalty to the MDC-T party and such allegations against me are not true.l am just being persecuted for speaking the truth.

Khupe also explained why she was against the coalition MDC Alliance in its current form saying,

…That is why the idea of a partner came, but l said to them you cannot come to a territory where l have always won and you replace me with an unknown person, who has always lost and has no structures and expects to win…“I want an alliance partner who is going to add value to what I have, not somebody who is going to take away what l have and expect me to win. It doesn’t work like that.

Khupe was recently expelled from Parliament and is now using the court system to fight back against MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa.

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  1. Joseph Maposa Reply

    You are just as good as Grace Mugabe wekwaMarufu. You are lost completely

  2. Bwedebwese Reply

    Dr. Khupe’s stance makes sense. Why could her concerns not be heeded?

  3. Vashe Reply

    The argument by Dr Khuphe is wrong, the constitution caters for the three vice-presidents but, people want to confuse themselves on why it is written the vice president assumes office albeit on an acting capacity. how can they all be presidents. likewise at any given moment only one vice-president will be acting thus why it says will act on behalf of the presidend- the vice president. Read 6.5.3 (a), 9.1.4

    • Weka Reply

      Now ZANU will use the courts to crash the bubbling kamisa, khupe will be given the presidency , wait and see

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