Pictures: Shoot Out In Marlborough As Police Apprehend Armed Robbers

Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) exchanged gunfire with alleged armed robbers in Marlborough near Mandel Training Station on Friday. According to a detective from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) who spoke to Pindula, the alleged robbers had come into the country from South Africa. The robbers are reported to have shot and robbed a Chinese national in the Central Business District (CBD) before escaping. However, they were cornered by detectives from the CID in Malborough. The suspects were using a Honda Fit vehicle as their getaway vehicle. However, instead of surrendering to the police, the robbers tried to fight their way out resulting in the shootout.

When Pindula arrived at the scene, the police had managed to apprehend three of the suspects and had taken control of the getaway vehicle. One of the suspects was reported to have been gravely injured. However, one of the suspects escaped and is still at large. Some members of the neighbourhood (pictured), who had their own firearms and dogs tried to assist the police to track and apprehend the other suspect but were ultimately unsuccessful. The  people pictured above  are not police but private citizens who were trying to assist the police.

Here are some pictures from the scene

Robbers are lying in the back of the truck with a police officer watching over them
Police officer sitting in the back of the truck watching over the robbers
The car which was used by the robbers.
Blood at the scene.
Neighbourhood residents who tried to assist the police to arrest the suspect who escaped.


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27 comments on “Pictures: Shoot Out In Marlborough As Police Apprehend Armed Robbers

  1. Unotonzwa Mimi achiti yeah yeah, otoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei.
    Congrats to our police force, job well done.

  2. am concerned about the garden males who are holding the holds shouldn’t they be wearing bulletproof vests too?

    1. No 1 forced them to be there.besides i dont think they were involved in th actual shootout… They wud be idiots if they though they can fight bullets with bullets n dogs n there seems to be only 1 garden boy..john banda

  3. I would like to thank the police for the rapid action ,they deserve to be thanked indeed and we need to support our police when they are on duty ..thank you so much and keep engaging us for the residents for support .

    1. excellent job but racial discrimination shown by those whites is uncalled for,why not giving bullet proof to their assistants, NOOOOOOO

      1. My brother you are an idiot. You obviously got nothing positive to say so just shut your mouth before embarrassing yourself. Do you even know what the term “racial discrimination” means? You don’t even know the full story firstly. Can you see any threats? Ko what about the onlookers they have no bullet proof vest so is that also discrimination?

  4. What is not being reported is the death of an innocent civilian in the process. A wife has been robbed of her husband..sons and daughters’ father will never return home.

    1. Very true! It makes you wonder how many people lose their lives and no acknowledgement is made at all, as if their lives were worthless. I worked with the guy who died and am appalled at the complete disregard for his life.

  5. Job well executed, thanks too to the members of the public for supporting our police force. That’s the Zimbabwean spirit we mush all cherish.

  6. I am still wondering what those white do with those assault rifles? Is the area near a safe house of some intelligence organization? IMAGINE, just after hearing that the police are having a shootout, already bulletproof vests, assault automatic rifles, why? I smell a fish here. Zvichabuda rimwe zuva hazvo.

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