MDC-T To Demand Voter Registration Slips From Aspiring Candidates To Prevent “Infiltration”

Morgan Komichi the chairperson of the Nelson Chamisa led MDC-T opposition has said that his party will be demanding voter registration slips from all aspiring candidates for internal elections. He said that this was to guard against people infiltrating the party.  However, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has warned that the practice is illegal if people are being forced.

Speaking to online publication, New Zimbabwe, Komichi said,

All our members who appear on our books and all structures can vote in the primary elections. But to guard against bussing of members or infiltration by our opponents we will ask people to produce proof that they are registered to vote in the constituency or ward they want to vote in…The MDC-T already has its internal voters’ roll. It’s not just any card-carrying member because we know these cards can be printed or unscrupulous individuals can buy these in bulk and issue them even to Zanu PF supporters.

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2 comments on “MDC-T To Demand Voter Registration Slips From Aspiring Candidates To Prevent “Infiltration”

  1. Double standards and hypocrisy they complained against the demanding of voter slips when Chiefs were doing it now they are practicing it how ridiculous can someone advise these guys ?

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