Obert Gutu Claims MDC-T Spent $50 000 Bussing People To Bulawayo Rally, Says They Are Delusional

Former MDC-T national spokesperson Obert Gutu has claimed that his former party is practising delusional politics. Gutu has been taking potshots at his former comrades since he was expelled from the party together with former Vice President Thokozani Khupe.  The former spokesperson said that the results of the 2018 elections will prove that Nelson Chamisa’s party is into fake politics of bussing people to rallies. Writing on Twitter, Gutu said,

We believe in and practise Realpolitik…We don’t deceive ourselves by indulging in self – delusion and self – deception. Election 2018 results will confirm who are the FAKE politicians and who are the REAL politicians….

$50 000 spent on bussing people to Byo (Bulawayo)….We pursue Realpolitik….not self – delusion and self – deception.  Results of Election 2018 will confirm who are the FAKE and who are the REAL politicians…

We practise Realpolitik, not FAKE and DELUSIONAL politics.  Just get in touch with me when the results of the 2018 Presidential elections are announced.  Let’s see who will be mourning and complaining.

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19 comments on “Obert Gutu Claims MDC-T Spent $50 000 Bussing People To Bulawayo Rally, Says They Are Delusional

  1. Please tell us of one politician who has NOT been force fed the lies of Mugabe and who now practices on some part just what they have learnt from watching him.
    Til this changes what chance does Zimbabwe have?

  2. So if mdc bussed people to Bulawayo what’s the problem?Bt okusalayo the stadium was full to the capacity.

  3. Itz a shame! Chamisa is busing people to Bulawayo in order to pretend to b popular in the city of his opponent Khupe; oh shame the plot has been exposed;it has bn witnessed that buses were ferrying people as far as Gweru & Masvingo in order to falsify Chamisa’s popularity in Bulawayo.Opposition supporters in the city have remained in their homes ,oh shame !

  4. If you say Chamisa was busying people to attend his rally in Bulawayo lets take for example there were 20000 people who attended and non came from bulawayo it means Chamisa hired close to 290 buses to ferry people to his rally is that so Did you witness such a number of buses there in Bulawayo guys lets appreciate what this guy has just done noone was forced to attend the rally just swallow your pride come and join the this train it will take you somewhere

  5. I hope Chamisa will not think he can be popular everywhere and boot out people like Khupe he might not be so lucky like Mugabe who would talk against Tribalism when he was advancing Zezuruism

  6. Good thing is if Chamisa by some fluke of luck gets into state house he will be very easy to remove if his false promises fail to materialise he has no Army and is always denigrating the military. Pakuzoita motorcade the guy is already thinking he had landed the top job counting the chicks before they are hatched. He should make sure the identity tangle will not become a thorny issue

  7. NC using old mugabe trick of busing people, pa motorcade apo mandiuraya he is seing himself in the office i hope he wont suffer from blood pressure after election results, AKUDYIWA PAMAELECTION AYA WILL BE LIKE DEAD PERSON WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE PARLIAMENT KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ED vs NC waiting for the last man standing

  8. 20000people/75bus seater is 266buses. MDC haina maresources akadaro .Gutu imi madyira musvute muchiwanza bepa.bvumai mufana aenda nenyika uyo. Next time torai photo yemabus acho tiaonewo

    1. Iwe hapana kuenda nenyika muchizvinyepera , even zvimagonyeti takazviona zvichiuya , musa wande nechigunwe

  9. How many buses would he need to ferry all those people who attended and are people stopped from making their own arrangements to meet with their leader. We all know the numbers do not translate to votes but accept that there were quite some number at his rally. dont be jealous of what he has done because you appear to be threatened by these figures. Just wait for the elections and the results will tell you wjether those crowds meant anything. dont speculate. Kana ari saGutu,he must learn to shut up and watch as the situation unfolds and talk about his new party.

    1. Hatipe nguva kuvanhu vatakabudisa mu bus.Tinganonotswa rwendo.Election time is coming Chaurura. Tichakuwonai imi ma real politicians nekuwhina

  10. So the MDC Alliance rally is suppossed to be attended by Bulawayo residents only,who says.Why fight him,he is not the enemy at the moment. Wake up and smell the coffee you guys. Do your STAR RALLIES we want to see your unbussed audince.

  11. Hapana chamisa ngaapinde khupe inyoka anoda hukuru akasiya chamisa akapinda zvaiita Iye ari vice aizoitawo president later manje ku bulawayo pamuchazive khupe was being used muchachema

  12. Chamisa is a proud puller and giving hope in a bleak world. He is making a lot of sense and even if they say he bussed people, he will deliver way better than this current crop Like it or not Arikidiwa nevanhu muchinda uyu

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