Zim Students Arrested In Cyprus For Armed Robbery, Govt Warns Students To Verify Scholarships

Minister of State Responsible for Government Scholarships in the Office of the President, Christopher Mushohwe has revealed that 8 Zimbabwean Students were arrested in Cyprus last week for armed robbery. However, the minister added the students were not on a government scholarship. He added that the government was duty bound to help the students as they were Zimbabwean nationals.

Speaking to H-Metro, Mushowe said,

We are concerned about the students’ plight as they are Zimbabwean citizens.

The students arrested in Northern Cyprus are not on government scholarship, they went there on a private arrangement on the backdrop that they are getting full scholarships but later realised that they had been deceived.

I spoke to the Turkish Ambassador to help us work with the Universities where those students were attending school. This can help us to locate the agents who sent them there so that they can help in finding a solution

I appeal to parents and students seeking private scholarships to verify with universities abroad if the scholarships are genuine and also to verify if they are offered on 100 percent basis…Circumstances like these could have been avoided.

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10 comments on “Zim Students Arrested In Cyprus For Armed Robbery, Govt Warns Students To Verify Scholarships

    1. It’s funny when anything happens to a student agents and universities in Cyprus are to blame, yes it’s true some agents mis represent facts but that does not give any student the right to misbehave or ingage into criminal activities, i feel there are better ways to communicate, better still i feel one can simply return home.i think it goes down to one’s character.And honestly parents should be responsible and take care of their children which is seeing to it that they cater for all their financial needs while they are studying abroad.They should not expect their children to assist them by getting a part time job while studying. Reason being for a country like Cyprus it’s next to impossible to get a formal job, besides students study from 9 to 4 from Monday to Friday so it is impossible for them to study and work at the same time.The government should make it easy for students to access money sent by their parents while studying abroad.

      I honestly wounder what it is that agents are promising besides an opportunity to study in Cyprus at a scholarship. Yes there are scholarships available in Cyprus ranging from 50 to 75 percent while 100 percent scholarships are also available but there are quite difficult to come across.These scholarships are tuition based meaning they cover your tuition only which is your fees to be specific food and accommodation air fairs and every other expenses you pay on your own . However depending on the university or institution u choose you are required to pay an Initial deposit for you to go and registration fees plus the rest of the balance on arrival or over instalments while studying through out your academic year

      The application process is fairly easy and straight forward

      Step 1 visit an agents office with copies of your academic certificates, passport and passport photos to gather with the processing fee charged by the agent
      Step2 Application is submitted
      Step3 You receive an unconditional acceptance letter which clearly states the type of scholarship you are being offered and total cost of program per yer and the initial deposit you are supposed to pay for you to secure a place and scholarship
      Step4 You make payment through your bank directly into university account
      Step5 You submit proof of payment through your agent
      Step6 You receive your unconditional letter of acceptance which you will use to gather with other documents to apply for a visa
      Step 7 application of visa
      Step 8 travel to Cyprus
      Step 9 airport pickup by university
      Step 10 registration process

      To this point I don’t see anywhere it says students should engage in to prostitution or criminal activities

      Important tips
      Make sure u get a list of all studying and living expenses so u are not found wanting
      If you decide to go the Cyprus root you should understand that you are going there only for study
      There are no jobs for students in Cyprus
      Cyprus is not American or Britain it is an lsland hence it’s small but also lovely in its on respect
      Make sure you afford what is expected of you as you are expected to pay any financial obligation on time as these instructions like any other institution in the world are in business and expect to be paid their dues on time
      Be responsible and avoid trouble so you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law
      Agents and the universities will not be accountable for the wrong choices and criminal activities that u engage in while studying abroad or in Cyprus

      Be responsible

      Let’s stop the blame game let’s be accountable for our actions

  1. it’s the government which denied the students parents to be send money to them if you remember there was an article about it when it said students has turned to prostitution to survive in cyprus because our banks refused money to be sent to them.crime is crime its a shame for the nation but at times we can prevent it. government scholarships are for the elite they are not done fairly children less privileged are left out the ministry is corrupt to bone this is the ministry which leaks exam papers and nothing has been done. these students learned these acts from home from minister who loot, who deep their fingers in our many banks and no arrest is done. other embassies stand by their own despite of what they have done, these are our children who needs a fair trail bring them home they have on-one to turn too don’t fore sake them. they need to be trialed and punished like any other crime the minister of education should be ashamed of himself, whether agent sent or not its still his responsibility they are still zimbabwean students he should act like a minister like the word say not like a looter

  2. I put the blame on agents ndakaudzwa manyepo kutotanga kubirwa mari yacho nditori kumba maybe school fees yanku isiri problem kuno ngavabvise maagents ayo akunyepera vanhu kno munhu wese muZimbabwean akuchema knoku …takauya kuno tichoti upenyu unochnja but zvkutoita worse hatina kuudzwa chokwadi ngavaudze vanhu chokwad munhu auye kuno achiziwa kuti anozvikwanisa kuno kunotodiwa mari svinu kwete zvenzara nzara unobata sure kana kuhura

  3. Maagents ndovanhu vakukonzera izvi vakunyepera vanhu muZimbabwean ari kuCyprus akuchema …vakanyepera vanhu vana vakuba or kuita chpfambi haisi mhosva yavo unoseva mvura ere munhu anotoda kudya …ndichotori kmba ndakatonyeperwawo ini kunzi kne mabasa unoshanda mari yako yefees and you will support vanhu vekumba kwenyu imi msanyepere vanhu kuuya kno kda upenyu hwakanaka roommate wanku maparents ake akatotengesa mota kt vabhadhare mainstallments ake zvoita ere izvi udzai vanhu chowad kno knodiwq mari svinu kwete zvenzara nzara ….budirai vanhu pachena vana vakuba avo l dont blame them inzara chaiyo kuti utsvage basa racho haurione unorarama nei apa kmba wakaudzwa kunzi fees yako unoishandra wega kno ….mari yekubira vanhu inokupai munyama coz daily ndendchinyunyuta and mari yoyo haimbokupfumise kuzvpa nhamo kuvana vako newe fut …so please gadzrisai pamaagents apo vasangopotsere vanhu kuno vaudze vanhu choqad

  4. As a student here in Cyprus, it is not a problem of the zimbabwean government, parents or the students themselves, the whole problem sterms from unclear representation of the school by agents 1.they charge for an application form which is not supposed to be paid for and the service they do is not supposed to be met for its charges by the parents since they get a commission of 15%of the fees each student pays,so when any agent says you have to pay for an application form that is robbery. 2 Most people left their jobs and were promised that when they come to Cyprus they will get jobs, its only when you arrive that you realise the only jobs available are to wash plates in restaurants and to work in farms rearing goats and sheep, its the wotk of agents. 3 The scholarship promised by the school is genuine and it increases as per your performance, but because life has become difficult following a shortage of cash flow in their countries most they are no longer able to pay school fees as a result they turn to available means to make the ends meet. Not justifying the crime and shame of act, its a choice to stay or to go back home. 4. Agents should play clean in informing parents and students well before they come here. Personally from experience i will not advise parents who are not wellup to bring their children here, it may look like an opportunity but it destroys your child’s social life. Yes education is very good but when you are working 12-17 hours a day and expected to pass it never works and miracles seem failing.NB undergarduate students if means of life are difficult home and abroad please Parents kindly assist your children to come back home before you no longer know who they are.

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