Tilda Moyo Facing $150 000 Lawsuit From “Mabhinya”

Radio personality Tilda Moyo has been sued by three men who are alleging that she damaged their reputations when she shared an image of them on Facebook alleging that they were “mabhinya,” vernacular for robbers and bandits. The three men, Aaron Kasirori, Tendai Chaparadza and Tafadzwa Maigurira, allege that Tilda shared the image on her Facebook page called Tilda Live Zim Star FM Secrets and Confessions. Part of their court papers read,

The three men’s reputation has been severely damaged due to the fact that they have respectable positions in their church organisation and the false allegations have injured their reputation among the church members.

Tilda confirmed the issue although she denied posting the offending image. She claimed that the Facebook account in question did not belong to her. Said Tilda,

I feel sorry for the three who are victims of false Facebook pages opened in my name but for finer details contact my lawyer

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