Mnangagwa Responds To US Senators’ Proposal For Tougher Conditions For Sanctions Removal

In an interview with The Africa Report in Rwanda on Tuesday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa responded to news that United States Senators, Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Chris Coons (D-Del.), both members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, want the Donald Trump administration to amend the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001 and add tougher steps Zimbabwe needs to take to have sanctions on its country lifted.

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Mnangagwa blamed MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa, fellow principal in the MDC Alliance, Tendai Biti and Dewa Mavhinga, the director of Human Rights Watch in Southern Africa who appeared before the same US senate committee on December 13 last year saying they improperly advised the United States. Mnangagwa said the situation on the ground is different. Said Mnangagwa:

Fortunately, Mr Flake and Mr Coons are coming to Zimbabwe. They are going to realise that the distance between Harare and Washington is very wide. This is why they are saying things that don’t exist in Zimbabwe. They only reproduced an agenda of the opposition which they were given last December by members of the opposition but when they come we shall say members of the opposition are here, can you go around with them and find where the military is participating in the elections. (They will find) zero and they will be able now to talk to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and they will get concrete answers; the Electoral Act is there. When looking at what they are saying, you realise that they are not informed. They are just reading the text of the opposition who are afraid of these elections. As a matter of fact most of things they are talking about, during the 2013 elections we came together as political parties and did amendments and on remnant issues which had not been done again we came together as political parties and agreed and made amendments to the Electoral Act as agreed by the liason committees of political parties. That has been done and achieved.

Mnangagwa also added that there is no law that prohibits former military personnel from joining the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

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5 comments on “Mnangagwa Responds To US Senators’ Proposal For Tougher Conditions For Sanctions Removal

  1. kkkkk This is the kind of staff you tell people that are not well educated with the global world. Actually thinking that one could believe a senate commit in USA can make submissions based on opposition submissions only. They have CIA/ commit investigation teams my President that will gather the information on ground. It doesnt need to be in Harare to know the truth just tune to ztv from morning to evening it is very evident that the coverage is one sided.

    1. It depends on whether there is enough interest to spend money by sending operatives to constantly study ZIMBABWEANS situation This is due to the effort made by the opposition to go to America and urge sanctions to remain
      Now that they have alerted Uncle Sam he will send operatives to monitor and report back.

  2. The demands America is putting support the Opposition but what does America offer they cannot micromanage sovereign governments Maramwamaramwa Huku dzinodya.All those who depend on Trump are fools if Europe and UK endorse the Government America can go and jump into the Atlantic their economy is in tatters they helped Sadam get into power but hanged him after the same with Noriega and in Africa they helped Mobutu against Lumumba who wanted communism but afterwards they screwed him and made sure he could not go to France and Belgium where he had invested even though he had prostate cancer be careful vanaChamisa.Yankees are not to be trusted

  3. mnangagwa should reflect in the 1960 what would he had done if USA UK refused to light sanction let me answer that for him, he would have said to hell with everyone we are going to do it our own way we are going to build our cars our own planes and Zimbabwe is going to be better place for everyone that was un-corrupted young man. now he is the circles of looters he can’t think straight always blaming their short coming to others , fire these looters let them keep their loots its of no good to the nation, find really civil servants who are not above the law to work for the nation.we don’t like you bout you are the only one we have change think differently. people like chiwenga will never work except admiring his bleached face on the mirror

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