Obert Mpofu Opens Up On Source Of Wealth

In an interview with Daily News, Home Affairs Minister Obert Mpofu opened up on his source of wealth which critics believe he amassed when he joined former president Robert Mugabe’s regime.

Mpofu denied receiving bribes from anyone and challenged anybody who thinks they bribed him to come out in public. Said Mpofu:

I have worked hard with my family to be where I am and I do not owe anybody anything and I appeal to anybody who thinks he gave me or bribed me to come forward and tell the public about it as I have never, in my whole life, received anything from anybody as an inducement for I do not need anything from anybody.

Mpofu denied claims that he owns a number of buildings in Victoria Falls saying he owns no property in the resort town, challenging anyone with documents proving ownership of these properties to come forward. Said Mpofu

I am aware of the nonsense that has been peddled by political and social opponents who feel challenged by my successes. I am proud of what I have and no one will take away what I have sweated for because I have worked for everything I have. The most expensive asset I have is the famous seven-storey York House building which the family bought from Old Mutual in 1998. The Victoria Falls nonsense that I own the whole or most of it is as stupid as the idiots who are peddling it. Can they list those assets so that I can take ownership of them if they ever exist.

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Obert MpofuOld MutualVictoria Falls

Obert Moses Mpofu is a Zimbabwean politician with various business interests in mining, security and transport. He is the former Minister of Home Affairs. In December 2017 he was appointed as the Zanu-PF Secretary for administration. In February 2018 Mpofu was called before parliament to... Read More About Obert Mpofu

Old Mutual Limited is one of the largest insurances and financial services companies in Zimbabwe. It is a subsidiary of the South Africa headquartered Old Mutual Limited. Old Mutual Zimbabwe is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.. The company started operating in 1895. It has... Read More About Old Mutual

Victoria Falls is a Natural Wonder of the world, and name of the resort town located in the Matabeleland North Province of Zimbabwe. The town is located on the northern border which separates Zimbabwe from Zambia, on the Zambezi River, about 1000km from it's source.... Read More About Victoria Falls

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5 comments on “Obert Mpofu Opens Up On Source Of Wealth

  1. kkkkkkkkk. couldnt help it but just laugh. these thugs think they can fool “full” us with their shit so that we dont say things. Idiot (inhistone). kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Nxa!!!!……why should it always be ‘anyone with evidence should bring it forward’ when he knows he’s been covering his tracks all along. But God is going to expose you very soon. You can hide things in your arrogance but not from the creator you looter.

  3. stupid what evidence you even failed to respond in parly.Who does not know your asslicking of BOB signing off as your obedient son.But maybe you are correct to an extent but fact you did not work hard if anything you stole and bootlicked hard.Nxaa

  4. mafia boss you make me sick where were you working where other man couldn’t bull frog learn not to comment thank the rule part you are in decaying zanu that suits you

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