Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation To Review Dabengwa’s 1983 Treason Trial Evidence

The Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation (DDF) has announced that it will be reviewing Dumiso Dabengwa’s 1983 treason trial alongside the late Zipra commander Lookout Masuku, to dispel claims that Zapu was to blame for the Gukurahundi massacres.

Dabengwa and Masuku’s treason trial revolved around the discovery, in February 1982, of arms caches on a property owned by Zapu with former President Robert Mugabe’s government accusing Zipra combatants of plotting to overthrow him. 

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Dabengwa and Masuku were later acquitted of treason charges in April 1983, but immediately rearrested and detained until Masuku’s death in 1986. In July last year, Dabengwa formed the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation (DDF) to, among other things, push for restorative justice for the Gukurahundi and political violence victims in the country dating back to 1980. The foundation announced it is reviewing the treason trial evidence to prove beyond doubt that the discovery of the arms cache was used as a cover up to deploy the North Korean-trained Five Brigade on innocent civilians. Part of DDF’s statement reads:

Due to the persistent argument that Gukurahundi was in response to a cache of arms meant to overthrow government by Zipra; The DDF will be reviewing the treason trial evidence, exhibits and judgment of its patron Dabengwa, his friend Lookout Masuku and five others. The purpose of such a review will be to prove that the arms cache had nothing to do with overthrowing the government and that those tried for treason were acquitted. Perpetrators of Gukurahundi must then give another explanation for Gukurahundi …

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