Zanu-PF Provinces Call For Mugabe’s Expulsion

Zanu-PF provincial chairpersons have called on former President Robert Mugabe to be fired from the party after he said Emmerson Mnangagwa ascended to power following a coup d’e tat.

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Zanu-PF Matabeleland North provincial chairperson Richard Moyo said Mugabe should be expelled if he is behind the formation of the Ambrose Mutinhiri led National Patriotic Front. Said Moyo:

The new development is sad because we have supported him for the past 37 years. If what we are reading is true, then he would have expelled himself from the party. As a province, we condemn him.

Midlands provincial chairperson Daniel Mackenzie Ncube said Mugabe should be fired from the party if he continues making “reckless statements.” Said Ncube:

As Midlands province, we condemn this kind of behaviour from a person whom we had reposed a lot of respect. If he continues making such reckless statements we recommend that he be fired from the party just like his wife.

Masvingo provincial chairperson Ezra Chadzamira said Mugabe should be fired. Said Chadzamira:

We no longer have that respect we used to give him as a father figure. Younger generations have nothing to learn from that. He should be fired. No person is bigger than the party.

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2 comments on “Zanu-PF Provinces Call For Mugabe’s Expulsion

  1. So what is ZanuPF what does it stand for and by whose authority?
    It came to power by the assent of a foreign power the leaders hold no cultural authority and every man Jack is a white man in a black skin at least 25 percent of the farms taken from productive white Zimbabweans are now non productive trophies held by politicians and military rulers so the objective to return land to the people was a farce, hypoctical and criminal in its outplaying
    The restoration of Africa to Africans has become an exercise in corruption an cronyism that beggars belief as politicians and military rulers with out the authority of blood outwhite the whites with flasher cars, clothes and deplorable moral standards Zimbabwe is now a basket case where to be associated with leadership is to be white dressed white educated white driven corrupt dishonest to the point of being delusional see Mugabe’s speech made wearing very fancy white clothes jewellery and sitting in white designed and paid for surroundings using white developed technologies to spruik his invective of hate hate hate
    The only thing black about Mugabe Mnangagwa and ZanuPF and their generals is their hearts
    Wake up Zimbabwe

  2. wake up yourself Leonie…the whole statement is racist , looters and murderers come in many colours and may even ape each other but this is about a political party not some deluded whites v blacks you sound extremely jeeeeerous

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