How Zimbabwe Reacted To President Mnangagwa’s Looters List

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday released the list of individuals and companies who are alleged to have ignored his directive to return all illegally externalised funds. The list generated debate and speculation. Here is some Zimbabweans online reacted to the looter’s list




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9 comments on “How Zimbabwe Reacted To President Mnangagwa’s Looters List

  1. Maybe those not on this list are some of those who adhered to the call in tym… of cause they shudnt be exposed as promised. I heard Mugabe also returned his externalized amounts already

  2. Mugabe was right when he said his vice presidents are not suitable to succeed him because they are dull. Mnangagwa things like a crocodile he cannot build zimbabwe. He is the first on the list of looters especially on the mining sector. 37 gold mines nema korokoza ose in Midlands ndeake. He never contributed a cent to zimra as tax. He benefited a lot during Mugabe era. He must not talk about building zimbabwe he contributed a lot in destroying zimbabwe.Where was he during Mugabe era. Was he not Mugabe mujibha who was tasked to torment others. Today he wants our vote and yet he cannot apologize to the nation about his wrong doings. You might hide but we know what you did. Think about Kwekwe loses that forced him out to zibahwe. Its a living testimony which cearly shows that he is out of touch not wanted. Vote wisely. Pasi neNikuv rwendo runo takairongera.

    1. Mukwane ED is the best leader so far , mbavha ngadzi sungwe this will send a signal to everyone

  3. This government thinks it is a chameleon that it can change its spots and stripes to suit the background.

    Living memory and social media will strip bare their charade if people are wise and honest in their responses and their voting
    Unfortunately all the opposition seem to be sprouting the same we fought a war for you so we are entitled rubbish
    It is time Zimbabwe wakes up and realised that many good men and women perished in a war designed from the beginning and supported by North Korea China Russia and Britain to destroy your lives deny you opportunity and the continued abuse of the general population by oppression starvation and lack of medicine and education all so the wealth of Zimbabwe could filter into your hands
    Mugabe Mnangagwa and Nkomo led a war to entrench themselves in government using the race card not the culture card. The culture card may have been proveable the race card never is.
    I suspect very few politicians carry any significant cultural bloodlines and I suspect the vheifs they appointed to protect culture are not the legitimate heirs by blood line
    So Zimbabweans were fooled but if they stand together and act wisely there is still time and ability to get rid of this racist scourge that is both the government and current opposition
    Culture is stronger than racial hatred
    Be wise Zimbabwe
    Wake up Zimbabwe

  4. I think most companies its about CDI aquittals maybe RBZ must have advised the President first, besides if RBZ knew about all these people what did it do about them, did they inform them give them notices etc. Lets not have a Gono scenario were people left the country running away after being accused of externalising when some people were simply settling scores.Maybe from the list may gvt or RBZ breakdown their cases and give a hint as to how they ”externalised”. Might not be a lawyer but i feel ku RBZ incompetence is running the show

  5. kana waxogara, or mwana wako aita dofo, lyk iwewe this statement wl b of importance,
    successful men are neva measured on successes, y bcz a single win cn erase ol d gud once, bt must b based on failures, E.D z beatable bcz he once lost, this augurs wl wt evry Zimbo anoda democracy, bcz munhu ano accepta defeat..
    Abt d 1980 situation Dr Nkomo and R.G dealt wt dt and wld appreciate f R.G, Kaunda wanyora ma memoirs am sure Nkomo did, Ey z a video wr R.G unappogetically brags abt goin to crush d dissidents,
    so y are putting t on E.D its high tym political stop politicising this issue and let ose dt are mandated lyk chiefs and religious leaders deal wt t..
    Chamisa z doing a great job bt yaakaita ku Chinhoyi kt ma farmers tichama nama ne tax,dts commercialising land, tipewo ka maturity cz nwadys we are comparing rallies, we are a literate country yako yekufunga kt we are all dumb sema touts amunenge mapa Bronco inhamo zvayo wari beta tichipo,
    ED dt bow to pressure wo Slasher indigenisation altogether, tosara tine ma ditches chete watora ma minerals

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